Every Jack Nicholson Death in a Tim Burton Movie

Jack Nicholson appeared in Tim Burton’s Batman and Mars Attacks!, with the filmmaker managing to kill the legendary actor three times.

Jack Nicholson only appeared in two Tim Burton films, but still managed to die three times. Jack Nicholson felt like a no-brainer when casting the Joker role in 1989 Batman, but the production was still considering other candidates like Willem Dafoe, Robin Williams and Tim Curry. Nicholson eventually committed to the film and gave one of the most iconic comic book movie performances of all time. Batman ’89 was a landmark success for the genre, with the so-called “Batmania” seeing both the film and its merchandise become huge hits.

Nicholson himself has done exceptionally well from batman success, with the savvy actor receiving project merchandise points. Nicholson is estimated to have earned around $90 million from the project. Unfortunately, Nicholson never reprized the character, although the sequel was undone. unleashed batman originally featured a hallucination sequence where Bruce Wayne is confronted with the memory of the Joker, with Nicholson as a cameo. Following the vitriol aimed at the previous film batman and robinthis project was later abandoned.


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Batman ’89 was a stressful production for director Tim Burton, but its success cemented his career. Nicholson also had a great time working with the filmmaker, and when offered a role in Burton’s sci-fi spoof Martian attacks!Nicholson replied after reading the script he wanted to play “allrole. It worked in Burton’s favor, as the project struggled to attract names; once Nicholson (who retired in 2010) came on board, other actors rushed to make it. Nicholson ended up playing two roles in Martian attacks!, and Burton – who reportedly reacted to studio notes insisting the star couldn’t be killed – ended up killing both characters. Of course, the first death of Jack Nicholson in a Tim Burton film which takes place in Batman ’89.

Jack Nicholson Joker Death Batman 1989

One of the more controversial elements of Burton’s portrayal of Batman is that he has no harm in killing. This is especially true in the original film’s finale, where he mows down Joker’s henchmen with machine gun fire and rockets, before killing the villain. While Batman and Vicky Vale hang atop Gotham Cathedral, Joker attempts to escape by helicopter. Batman fires a grappling hook, attaching Nicholson’s (who died Consumables 3) Joker at a gargoyle statue. This detaches and gradually drags the villain to his demise as he crumbles to the ground below. Had the movie been made now, Joker would no doubt have survived somehow, but Batman ’89 committed at his death.

Nicholson’s Two for One Martian attacks! death begins with its slimy land developer Art Land. Art hosts an investor meeting at the Galaxy Hotel in Las Vegas, but as he gives his speech, aliens attack and blow up the building, causing it to crumble. In the chaos, a large orb breaks free and rolls towards Art, crushing him. What is remarkable in the destruction of the building is that Martian attacks! used actual footage of the Landmark Hotel in Vegas, which was demolished in 1995.

The death of Jack Nicholson’s last Tim Burton film finds its Martian attacks! character of President Dale cornered by the invaders in his bunker. After the death of his staff, Dale attempts to reason with the aliens by giving an impassioned speech about how they should work together. It seems to work when the Martian leader shakes her hand – only for her to pull away. This mechanical hand snakes around Dale like a spider, before impaling him from the back. Dale’s body falls to the ground, while a small Martian flag shoots out from the top of the spear that stabbed him. by Jack Nicholson Martian attacks! death could be a Batman ’89 homage too since the Joker also killed someone with a deadly handshake.

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