Everything we know so far about the thriller remake

According to this story from Collider (which contains a first image of the cast), the vacationers in question are not a husband, wife and child in the new film. This version of “The River Wild” will have a brother and sister, and their childhood friend who go on a journey together. However, once they start traveling, they realize “that their childhood friend is more dangerous than it seems”. Glenn Ross, General Manager and Executive Vice President of Universal 1440 Entertainment, said of the film:

‘We are delighted to announce some exciting news’The wild river story,” featuring new characters and a story that brings the universe to new audiences and fans of the original. The production features a talented cast, and we think moviegoers will be thrilled with director Ben Ketai’s modern take on the popular classic film.”

I like the idea of ​​the “modern take” making the dangerous person in the group someone the characters know. It would be hard to imagine vacationers simply trusting a group of strangers they encounter in the desert in 2022. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen the original, but I remember thinking that it was strange even when a couple with a young child in tow would just agree to take random men – whose friend left because of a “fight” – on their family vacation, whatever whatever the circumstances.

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