Farzar Release Date: Cast, Plot and More

Farzar’s Waco O’Guin, Roger Black and Lance Reddick discuss the potential of the new Netflix series and how much fun they had making it.

Farzad, set on an alien planet, is a crude and ridiculous parody of a certain sci-fi animated adventure subgenre.

Farzad mainly focuses on his pitiful son Michael and his longtime nemesis Bazarack (both played by Dana Snyder), both of whom have a habit of picking on King Renzo’s troubles.

The film stars Lance Reddick as the perpetually combative and aggressive King Renzo.

To distract the young man, Michael is responsible for organizing a group of idiots and malcontents.

Farzar executive producers Waco O’Guin and Roger Black, who also created the Netflix animated series Paradise SD, have fully embraced the freedom offered by the streaming platform.

Farzad is an absolutely crazy show. Ahead of the July 15 premiere of the animated series Farzar on Netflix, O’Guin, Black and star Lance Reddick sat down for an exclusive chat with CBR to discuss it.

Additionally, the gang opened up about how they saw a glimmer of compassion in Reddick’s character, Renzo, and revealed what outrageous joke they used to pitch the show to the streaming service.

Farzad: release date

According to IMDb, the release date of farzar was July 15, 2022 (US).


The cast includes Jerry Minor as human soldier-turned-cyborg Scootie, David Kaye as deranged scientist Barry Barris, Kari Wahlgren as fighting Siamese twins Mal and Val, and Zobo as cheeky little alien Zobo (Carlos Alazraqui).

Michael quickly realizes that nothing is as it seems and he could be living a lie as they begin to battle the aliens.

Farzad: Cast

Bloodshed, robots, weird alien species, dark humor, awkward sex jokes, more awkward sex jokes, unfair fights to the death, naked gymnastics, explosions and a very loud mouth all appear in Farzad.

All of this will happen when Prince Farzar Michael (voiced by Dana Snyder) decides to organize a team to defend his planet and prove to his parents that he is a strong warrior.

In addition to Prince Michael, Snyder will also voice the evil alien commander Bazarack and Billy, a chimera-like killing machine who acts as the group’s voice of reason.

Other voice actors are Jerry Minor, who plays Scootie the half-android, half-soldier, Lance Reddick, who plays Renzo the Tsar of Farzar, Gray Griffin, who plays the slightly older Flammy Queen, David Kaye, who plays brilliant scientist Barry Barris, Carlos Alazraqui, who plays the undercover alien Zobo, and Kari Wahlgren, who plays Mal and Val.

The cast of the new Farzar series includes several talented and passionate voice actors from the film and television industries.

Farzad: plot

The protagonist of Farzar’s story will be a pretentious warrior named Renzo. The Warrior drove Bazarack, an evil alien, from the planet Farzad.

Renzo attempts to protect humanity from the alien habitat by ascending to the post of Tsar of Farzar and attempting to erect a huge dome over a human hamlet.

The tale will also follow Prince Michael, the princely son of Renzo, and his splinter group as they struggle to drive out evil aliens from the dome-protected series.

SHAT refers to Michael’s Crew (Special Hostile Assault Team).


Prince Michael embarks on a mission to save the planet with his less than stellar crew to prove to his parents that he is not a worthless loser but a powerful and magnificent warrior.

Prince Michael’s crew consists of a human soldier-turned-cyborg named Scootie, a deranged scientist named Barry Barris, feuding conjoined twins named Mal and Val, and an entertaining little alien named Zobo.

When battling the aliens, Michael and company realize that nothing is as it seems and he might be telling them lies.

Michael’s mother, Queen Flanny, is shown spoiling her son and pressuring her husband to talk about running the town, which he initially thinks is a great idea, but which is later criticized for decisions with obvious flaws.

Roger Black and Waco O’Guin are the minds behind animation programs Farzar, Paradise PD and Brickleberry. The first season of the animated sci-fi show will consist of 10 episodes.

Farzar: FAQs

Who created Farzar?

Farzad was designed by Roger Black and Waco O’Guin.

Who gave voice to the characters of the Farzar series?

The main character voices were provided by David Kaye, Jerry Minor, Lance Reddick, Dana Snyder, Kari Wahlgren and Gray Griffin.

Where can I watch Farzar?

Farzad is available on the Netflix streaming service.

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The team will strive to distinguish its latest project from other iconic sci-fi/comedy projects that have come before it, especially the aforementioned and equally crude Rick and Morty.

Although Farzar’s influences and inspirations are obvious, they are not the only ones.

With the show, they also seek to revive the imagination of listeners. Farzad, which has 10 episodes, is set to stand out on July 15 when it premieres on Netflix.

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