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Oxygen | Film critic

May 10, 2021


Time is running out for Liz (Mélanie Laurent) when she wakes up in a cryogenic capsule to quickly find herself short of oxygen. With no memory of who she is or how she got into this situation, she must find a way to survive before her air supply runs out.

French movie Oxygen carries all the hallmarks of a gripping claustrophobic thriller (its premise is even reminiscent of Ryan Reynolds being trapped in a coffin in Buried) and director Alexandre Aja (Crawl) uses his horror past to generate effective tension sequences. However, the Netflix production derailed before reaching the midpoint and crashed into the realms of self-indulgence and parody.

Viewers are introduced to the mysterious protagonist as she bursts through a plastic cocoon that buries her body. It is an arduous effort (which is not without symbolic significance) that sets the stage for the struggle to come. The lights finally come on, illuminating the confined space alongside the myriad of wires and tubes attached to the female body, and the audience is introduced to the pod’s AI, named MILO (Mathieu Amalric), who l ‘informs of worrying oxygen levels. But he is not that open with any other information to help resolve the situation.

Laurent carries the weight of the film with ease. With hardly any other character appearing onscreen, she alone sells the urgency of the ordeal. In addition, his character is capable and intelligent enough to handle every problem he faces and find a solution. The problem, however, is that a lot of these solutions are found by uncovering the right questions to ask the AI, which is like watching someone struggle with a misbehaving digital assistant – and it’s not as suspenseful as the filmmakers wish.

As more and more answers come to light, attention shifts from the protagonist’s discovery to a mystery about a husband that may or may not exist, before arriving at a revelation that takes the events into a science. – completely different (but too familiar) fiction. direction. The script cannot convincingly join these dots and the result is an increasingly rambling and silly viewing experience that doesn’t know where to end.

The suspense gradually dissipates in this thriller that is not worth holding your breath.

Andrew Murray

Oxygen released on Netflix on the 12the May 2021.

Watch the trailer for Oxygen here:

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Want to become a space tourist? You can finally – if you have $ 250,000 and a willingness to give up your life Mon, 10 May 2021 06:34:18 +0000

Billionaire Jeff Bezos’ space launch company Blue Origin has announced that it will sell its first microgravity flights to the highest bidder.

Blue Origin and its two biggest competitors in the field of “space tourism”, SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, claim to advance humanity through the “democratization” of space. But these rides do not open access to the space for everyone.

A changing landscape

At first glance, the prospect of a space tourism industry is exciting.

It promises an easier path to space than that followed by astronauts, who must go through higher education, intensive training and extremely competitive selection processes. Astronauts must also have the correct nationality, as few countries have access to manned space flight programs.

In theory, opening up a commercial space flight industry should make space more accessible and democratic. But this is only partially the case; what was once the domain of only the richest countries is today an industry run mainly by commercial entities.

Moreover, these companies are willing to take more risks than government programs because they do not have to justify their expenses – or their failures – to the public. Blue Origin and SpaceX have seen plenty of explosions in previous tests, but fans are watching with excitement rather than dismay.

This has promoted the rapid development of space technologies. Reusable rockets – especially SpaceX’s Falcon 9, which just made its tenth successful launch – reduced the cost of launch by ten.

In addition to reducing costs, reusable technology also strives to solve the problem of sustainability.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying 60 Starlink communications satellites took off on May 9, 2021.
AP / Craig Bailey

Consider sustainability

There have been thousands of launches since 1957, when the first man-made object (Sputnik I) was launched by the Soviets. Outside of the Falcon 9, however, every launcher was used once and scrapped immediately – much like throwing an airplane after a flight.

The number of launches increases each year, with 114 carried out in 2020 alone. Over the weekend, the uncontrolled re-entry of debris from the Chinese rocket Long March 5B made global headlines due to its size and risk. damage. This is just one example of the problems of space debris and traffic management.

Safety is a key issue for human spaceflight. Currently, there are approximately 3,400 operational satellites in orbit and approximately 128 million pieces of debris. There are hundreds of collision risks every day, avoided by expensive and difficult maneuvers, or, if the risk is low enough, operators wait and hope for the best.

If we add more manned spaceflight to this traffic, countries will have to adopt more stringent requirements to de-orbit satellites at the end of their life, so that they burn out by re-entry. Currently, it is acceptable to desorbit after 25 years or place a satellite in an unused orbit. But that only delays the problem for the future.

Nations will also need to implement the 2019 United Nations guidelines on the long-term sustainability of activities in outer space.

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Another important factor is the environmental impact of launches. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 uses as much fuel as an average car would over 200 years, from a single launch.

On the ground, there are land and waterway impacts, which we need to keep in mind when building future launch sites in Australia. Launch permits currently require environmental impact statements, but these should also include long-term effects and carbon footprint.

Keep billionaires in check

In the years to come, it will be crucial that independent spaceflight companies are tightly regulated.

Virgin Galactic has long advocated a “shirt sleeve” environment in which customers can experience the luxury of space flight without being embarrassed by awkward space suits. But the death of one of its test pilots in 2014 is proof that spaceflight remains dangerous. High altitudes and pressures require more care and less concern for comfort.

Although regulators such as the United States Federal Aviation Administration have strict safety requirements for space tourism, pressurized space suits are not one of them – but they should be. In addition, space tourism operators can require passengers to sign statutory liability waivers in the event of an accident.

And while it’s laudable that SpaceX and Blue Origin are making technological leaps, there is little in their business plans that speak of diversity, inclusiveness, and global accessibility. The first space tourists were all wealthy entrepreneurs.

In 2001, Dennis Tito traveled to a seat on a Russian Soyuz rocket to visit the International Space Station (ISS). Since then, there have been eight other space tourists, each paying between US $ 20 million and US $ 30 million to fly through the Russian program.

60-year-old American multimillionaire Dennis Tito became the first paid space tourist in 2001.
Photo AP / Mikhial Metzel

In 2022, the Axiom crew is expected to perform a SpaceX Dragon flight to the ISS. Each of the three wealthy white male passengers will have paid US $ 55 million for this privilege. Meanwhile, Blue Origin’s next auction will run for five weeks, with the highest bidder winning a seat for a few minutes of microgravity.

Virgin Galactic’s 90-minute rides, which are also slated to fly as early as 2022, have already sold for US $ 250,000. Future tickets should cost more.

A matter of time?

Of course, conventional recreational air travel was also originally reserved for the wealthy. The first intercontinental flights to the United States were about half the price of a new car. But technological advancements and business competition meant that in 2019 (pre-COVID), nearly five million people were stealing daily.

It may only be a matter of time before space tourism becomes accessible as well. Ideally, that would mean being able to fly from Sydney to London in a matter of hours.

Again, spaceflight carries much greater risks and much higher costs than airflight, even with reusable rockets. It will take a long time before these costs are sufficiently reduced to allow the “democratization” of space.

It’s a compelling story that commercial spaceflight companies are eager to embrace. But there will always be a part of society that will not have access to this future. Indeed, as many sci-fi tales predict, human spaceflight or habitation in space may never be accessible to anyone but the very wealthy.

We know that space technologies have benefits – from tracking climate change, to building global health services and communications, to learning about science experiments on the ISS. But when it comes to space tourism, the return on investment for the average person is less clear.

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Nayattu movie review: Kunchako Boban, Joju George, Nimisha Sajayan’s thriller shows the truth of the political circus Mon, 10 May 2021 05:56:25 +0000

Casting of the movie Nayattu: Kunchako Boban, Joju George, Nimisha Sajayan
Director Nayattu: Martin Prakkat
Classifications of Nayattu films: 3.5 stars

Nayattu, which means hunting, is a sad reflection of the times we live in. We are part of the period of human history when the truth seems to have little or no value. In the age of post-truth, we don’t want facts. We don’t want a case to be fully investigated to get to the bottom of it; all we want is a good show. We want a demonstration of justice without procedural fairness. Who gets justice (however superficial or imaginary) and who gets sent to prison depends on the political agenda of the time.

So, it is election season in Kerala. Members of government are busy idling their winning strategies and focusing fully on consolidating their voting base, while state governance takes a back seat. It is that time of year when even the lower cadres of a political party can make their demands. “Sir, after the election, please suspend these troublesome policemen,” a party official told the chief minister. It is not a request. It’s a polite order. And the almighty CM nods in affirmation, clenching his fist.

Kunchako Boban’s CPO Praveen Michael is assigned to a new police station, where he befriends ASI Maniyan (Joju George) and Agent Sunitha (Nimisha Sajayan). The three stand on top of each other and in the process they cross paths with a selfish youngster who belongs to a political formation that has ties to the government in power. The man in question never seems to miss an opportunity to rub him in the faces of the cops, as it makes him feel more powerful and gives meaning to his existence. The storyline is so dense that we could clearly see between the lines causing such a massive power imbalance between anyone and a group of cops, including high ranking officers.

Following an unfortunate incident, Praveen, Maniyan and Sunitha become the main suspects in a murder case. Spoiler alert: no one murdered anyone. Due to an unfortunate traffic accident, one of the government party workers died. Against his better judgment, Maniyan gives in to Praveen’s request and decides to take the injured motorist to the hospital and save his life. And it jeopardizes all of Praveen, Maniyan and Sunitha’s plans.

Praveen may have overcome her grief and married Sunitha. And Maniyan may have finally gone to his daughter’s school event. But, even in their wildest dreams, they never imagined that they would be the subject of a witch hunt led by their colleagues. Perhaps if there had been a fair system operating on objective facts, Praveen, Maniyan, and Sunitha might have continued to pursue the plans they had for themselves. But, in cases where the political masters dictate the results of the investigation, the facts and the justice system are the first victims.

Nayattu is as much a thriller as it is an indictment of the public’s failure to respect reasonableness. As long as the circus is good, you never really care what goes on behind the curtain. Writer Shahi Kabir’s strong and straightforward observations resonate with us, considering how power brokers use the media to stoke anger against a target that benefits them politically. Director Martin Prakkat did a terrific job of visually bringing out all of Kabir’s interesting sightings and painting a bigger picture of the system, which is bent to keep audiences in the dark.

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Tving offers another VOD output option for South Korean films Mon, 10 May 2021 02:55:32 +0000

SEOUL, May 10 (Yonhap) – Tving, an online video streaming platform run by South Korean entertainment giant CJ ENM, has become a new option for South Korean films looking for on-demand releases after a slow theatrical airing amid the year-long pandemic.

Over the past year, the Korean film industry, which has been hit hard by the pandemic, has had to adapt its traditional theatrical release strategies to either direct video-on-demand (VOD) or hybrid versions. cinema and digital.

Many big-name blockbusters have chosen the first title in collaboration with the American streaming giant Netflix, which has seen a sharp increase in the number of subscribers in the country in recent years.

“Time to Hunt,” an action thriller movie directed by Yoon Sung-hyun, was the first Korean film to air direct on Netflix last year.

Since then, several other Korean films, including the sci-fi blockbuster “Space Sweepers” and the action thriller “Night in Paradise,” have made it straight to Netflix without a theatrical release.

In 2021, Tving opened up another way for Korean film studios and distributors to release their films in theaters and digital streaming at the same time.

The sci-fi action blockbuster “Seobok”, produced and distributed by CJ ENM, was released simultaneously in theaters and via Tving in April.

It was one of the most anticipated blockbusters in South Korea since last year due to its subject matter of the first human clone and its starring of two Korean favorites, Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum.

After months of delays due to the lengthy COVID-19 pandemic, the expensive title with a budget of 16 billion won (US $ 14.2 million) became the first Korean film released by a major film company in take the two-track approach.

The number of people who saw “Seobok” in theaters reached 385,000 during its 18 days of theatrical release from April 15 to May 2. It became the second most viewed local film in 2021, following the action comedy “Mission: Possible”. which was seen by 444,000 spectators.

On Tving, the film was at the top of the popular movie charts for its first two weeks, according to CJ ENM.

The upcoming drama film “Happy New Year”, starring Han Ji-min and Lee Dong-wook, will also follow in the footsteps of “Seobok”.

In addition, the historical drama “The Book of Fish” will be released exclusively on Tving on May 20, three weeks after it made paid VOD services available on the Internet and Internet Protocol TVs on April 28.

The black-and-white film about an elite bureaucrat and scholar named Yak-jeon and his young friend Chang-dae has drawn 336,000 viewers since its theatrical release on March 31.

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Great Falls College Faculty Member’s Debut Novel Wins Juniper Prize Mon, 10 May 2021 01:30:00 +0000

GREAT FALLS – Leigh Ann Ruggiero, head of the English department at MSU at Great Falls College, recently completed her first novel, titled Subscribers, and won the prestigious Juniper Prize for it.

The book tells the story of a young girl who moves to a new country and the struggles she faces as a foreigner in a new culture and environment. The novel began as a simple paragraph for a quick daily writing exercise for Leigh Ann, which became her first published book.

“I had decided that I was going to write a first paragraph of a story, of a book, every day for a month and so it started out as one of those paragraphs, like in 2009, so it’s been a long time.” , said Ruggiero. “Of course this paragraph is nowhere in the current draft, but yes it has been a long process and I think for me the writing process has been a big part of my process of growing and developing. become an adult. “

Certain scenes and subjects of the novel appeared in Ruggiero’s writing right after graduating from the University of Maryland in Fine Arts in 2007. “I’ve been working on this for over a decade,” she says. . “I feel like I’ve come a long way since it was the first literary fiction novel I intended to complete. Now, I would tend to sketch a manuscript before I sit down to write it, but this one was all out of feeling, which is why it took over 10 years to figure it out.

Ruggiero explained that the novel is about a young American girl who grows up in the mission field of rural Ethiopia and is due to return to the United States at the age of 18. her way back to Ethiopia, ”she said. “Of course, along the way, she begins to grapple with what evangelism is, what her faith is, whether God exists or not.”

In 2019, Leigh Ann was shortlisted as a finalist in the Great Novel Contest by the Ohio Writers Association. This led her to submit her work to the Juniper Literary Prize in Fiction, at the University of Massachusetts Press.

Each year, for the Juniper Literary Awards series, the University of Massachusetts selects two winners in poetry, two in fiction and one in creative non-fiction. The winners each receive a prize of $ 1,000 and a publishing contract with the University of Massachusetts Press.

Leigh Ann says that the day she found out she had won the literary award for her novel, she finally fulfilled a dream she had had her whole life.

“Yeah, it definitely took me a while to say, ‘Wow, that’s real,’ and then, yeah, the first thought I really had was, ‘Oh, I really wanted this ever since I was. ‘am 10 years old.’ You know, getting published is something, and of course it won’t happen for a year, but getting published is something that I really wanted since I was 10 and it was very surreal to have that moment. and to be just like, ‘Wow, that’s one thing, it’s like a milestone,’ ”said Ruggiero.

Leigh Ann’s novel, Subscribers, will be published and go on sale in spring 2022.

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Why Sword Art Online: Progressive Movie Won’t Work Mon, 10 May 2021 00:49:42 +0000

Fans have long been waiting for more animated Aincrad content, but the upcoming Sword Art Online: Progressive movie is unlikely to be successful in the long term.

the Sword art online saga returns to the big screens in the fall of 2021 in the highly anticipated Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night. Fans of the isekai franchise have been waiting for this anime SAO expansion for a while, hoping it will awaken the early glory of the anime’s first (and best) arc: Aincrad. The announcement that the adaptation would be in film format, however, is a major disappointment for those who appreciate the episodic storytelling of the original series.

Aria from a starless night will be based on Sword Art Online: Progressive light novels written by Reki Kawahara. These chapters delve into the characters’ adventures in Aincrad floor by floor, with six volumes already completed and a seventh on the way. How a Sword art online cinema price to tackle this ongoing story? The chances of a fulfilling and sustainable Progressive the narrative looks slim in this format.

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Why fans are excited about Sword Art Online: Progressive

One of the biggest gripes fans have with Sword art online is the speed at which the spectacle crosses the arc of Aincrad. This story features the addicting premise of ‘you die in the game, you die in real life’, which has countless anime fans hanging on to the isekai series. In the beginning, SAO seemed set to progress through Aincrad for the duration of the game, so fans were surprised when Kirito jumped forward to kill the final boss (Kayaba) by episode 14, long before he reached the 100th floor. . in comparison. At this point, many Sword art online fans dropped out of the show because ALO, GGO, and even Alicization just don’t measure yourself in terms of the classic high-stakes video game adventures the characters experienced in Aincrad.

the Progressive SAO light novels recapture that initial magic of Aincrad by starting from a new perspective and significantly slowing the pace of progression. There are 100 stories in Aincrad after all, and Sword art online Season 1 was a tiny fraction of the giant conical castle. This large-scale revisit of Aincrad means that it is do not a reboot of season 1, but a new take to unveil untold stories hidden in the vast gaps. With this original source content fueling animated adaptations, fans old and new alike felt a new wave of hype – that is, until it was revealed that the story would be crushed again. , this time in the minimum length of a film.

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What will Sword Art Online: Progressive long term look like?

While Sword Art Online: Aria of a Starless Night definitely not trying to fit all Progressive in one movie, it should tie the chapters together without natural chapter breaks. The film will focus on the first volume of the Progressive series, which explores the first floor of Aincrad and begins a month SAO game of death. Except this time around, the first chapters will tell the story from Asuna’s perspective, as seen in the trailer where she still learns the ropes and sports that little red hood look.

With the amount of content Aria from a starless night covers, the movie will likely have an average runtime – one or two hours – which would translate to around six or seven episodes if it were a series. It’s unclear how the story will continue from there, or if the film will be the first in a long series to come, exploring the grounds of each new episode. Would there be one movie per floor or maybe two to three movies per floor Progressive Light novel? With so much content on the horizon, it looks like the film’s road is unsustainable in the long run.

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How Sword Art Online: A Progressive Movie Is Different From A Series

The difference between watching a movie and a series is huge. After theaters around the world closed during the pandemic, the switch to streaming services has prompted entertainment seekers to try more shows rather than theater trips. This has sparked a new appreciation for the TV format which has many advantages. Episodic storytelling allows for more gradual character development with natural pauses. Plus, TV series make their stories run longer with more time to digest instead of filling an entire arc with exposure, climax and ending in one sitting. All the interest of Sword Art Online: Progressive is to make the story less rushed, so that an anime series seems like the best-placed choice.

On the other hand, because Sword Art Online: Progressive will elicit many of the same events already recounted, a closer reading can reduce redundancy and provide a nice introduction to the Progressive anime adaptation. Animated films have more potential at the moment because they are easier to produce without filming. Could Aria from a starless night to revive the craze for films?

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At the very least, fans can expect what will likely be a big budget with dazzling animation sequences, similar to Sword Art Online: Ordinal scale. However, there is hope that Progressive SAO won’t turn into fan service tropes or the introduction of unnecessary and underdeveloped characters (with the exception of the new character Mito.) Ordinary scale won over $ 30 million worldwide, so there is no doubt Aria from a starless night will also bring in millions. The popularity of the new anime film Demon Slayer: Mugen Train also alludes to Progressive SAOimminent success.

Optimistically, a movie could It really works if this big budget adaptation serves as a boost to a full series. But a movie release is risky given it could turn out to be a flop, burying the potential of a long dig into the Progressive SAO light novels. Plus, the film may set a precedent – its successors are expected to follow over 75 floors of Aincrad content. Who would have the stamina to produce or watch so much Sword art online movies?

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Naruto: 5 Jutsu That Would Be Useful In Real Life

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100 best movies of the 90s | Movies Mon, 10 May 2021 00:30:00 +0000

The 1990s represent a magical decade in the history of pop culture. The OJ Simpson trial, gangster rap, Must See TV, grunge music and “Friends” dominated conversations about water coolers, as the internet was just starting to grab the world’s attention and hit the labs. college computing. While all of this was happening, incredible movies, from big budget blockbusters to quiet romance stories, hit theaters around the world almost every weekend. Advances in computer-generated imagery have given audiences both the scariest dinosaurs they’ve ever seen (“Jurassic Park”) and a heartwarming story of a cowboy and an astronaut discovering the life outside the toy box (“Toy Story”).

To celebrate the incredible cinematic achievements of the decade, Stacker compiled data on all films from the 90s to come up with a Stacker Score – a weighted index evenly split between IMDb and Metacritic scores. To qualify, the film had to have a premiere date between 1990 and 1999, have a Metascore, and have at least 1,000 votes. Ties were broken by Metascore and other ties were broken by votes.

Read on to find out which movie featured one of the most disturbing scenes in cinema, and which big movie star was on the list multiple times.

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Zelda and other games that deserve movies after Mario Sat, 08 May 2021 10:37:25 +0000

Nintendo seems more willing to take risks with animation projects, so here are a few franchises that are ripe for movie or TV adaptations.

Nintendo is currently in partnership with Illumination Entertainment (de Despicable Me fame) to develop an animated film based on their most famous property: Super Mario Bros. This will be the first time the Mario Bros. have appeared in theaters since the disastrous 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie. Nintendo became obsessively protective of their intellectual properties after this event, but the success of films such as Sonic the hedgehog may have convinced them to soften their position.

With that in mind, Nintendo has plenty of exclusive franchises that are arguably even more appropriate for a movie adaptation than something as simple as Super Mario Bros. Of THE Legend of Zelda at Metroid, here are the five Nintendo franchises that could shine on the big screen.

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Kid Icarus

Kid Icarus Uprising, Pit

Kid Icarus is one of Nintendo’s oldest action series and was dormant for decades. However, the inclusion of the series’ protagonist, Pit, in Super Smash Bros. Brawl led to the long-awaited renaissance of the franchise on the Nintendo 3DS, Kid Icarus: Uprising.

While its frenetic pace and challenging fights were both praised, the game was best known for its extremely witty dialogue and fun cast of characters who bicker and bounce back with amazing chemistry and hilarity. Nintendo Video animated shorts and the animated part of Super Smash Bros. UltimateThe trailer shows that a Kid Icarus film would easily combine jaw-dropping action with its trademark comedy.


Metroid is the darkest and most intense Nintendo franchise and the opposite of its sister franchise, Kid Icarus. Metroid is already a massive tribute to Extraterrestrial, one of the most beloved series in science fiction. With a thick atmosphere, big bad guys and one of the most badass heroines in video games, Metroid would make an excellent sci-fi horror-action movie akin to Aliens.

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The main obstacle would be to market a more adult Nintendo movie and to choose a good actress to play Samus Aran, largely silent and introspective. But, drawing inspiration from the isolation of films like Gravity and Castaway can lead to a very unique sci-fi action experience.

Star Fox

The crew of Star Fox, Fox, Slippy, Peppy and Falco

Star Fox Already has the fun Disney premise of anthropomorphic cartoon animals fighting the forces Star wars– style space battles. In addition, the Arwings are among the most iconic spaceships in video games. The colorful characters all have their own charismatic stories and personalities, and their jokes during chaotic fights are full of memorable quotes. Star Fox has already proven himself capable of carrying his own anime series with the Star Fox Zero animated short films. A full animated film starring the characters fighting the forces of Andross would only benefit the series after several attempts to revive its glory days on Nintendo 64.

Fire emblem

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance Cover

the Fire emblem the series was not popular with western audiences until the inclusion of Marth and Roy in Super Smash Bros. melee led the series to be shown worldwide. Since then, it has experienced a rebirth following the release of Fire emblem: awakening in 2012, and reached new heights with 2019 Three houses.

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This anime-inspired strategy-RPG series already focuses on massive character castings and epic war stories that often lead to tragedy. A series that tailors a particular game or follows an original narrative using the core elements of the franchise could be akin to an anime. Game of thrones due to the number of fantastic medieval battles and high stakes dramas present in each Fire emblem Thu.

THE Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on GamcCube

THE Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo’s most popular and influential series. It has a beautiful and expansive world begging to be adapted to the big screen, as well as extensive knowledge and a wide variety of characters. Additionally, the land of Hyrule is diverse and versatile enough that several types of fantastic stories can be told at the same time. An animated Zelda the film would probably be the riskiest endeavor, but also one of the most rewarding.

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Bandai Namco launches Scarlet Nexus opening animation

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Unique infectious profile of novel coronavirus makes COVID-19 difficult to treat: Lancet | The Weather Channel – Articles de The Weather Channel Sat, 08 May 2021 06:55:05 +0000

As COVID-19 cases increase around the world, leaving many of us wondering why it’s so difficult to treat, a review published in the prestigious journal The Lancet revealed that the increase in the number of cases is due to a unique infectious profile.

According to the review, there is growing evidence that the virus infects both the upper and lower respiratory tract.

The review suggests that it is different from the “low pathogenic” human coronavirus subspecies, which typically settle in the upper respiratory tract and cause cold-like symptoms or “highly pathogenic” viruses such as those that cause SARS and ARDS, which usually settle in the lower respiratory tract.

Additionally, more frequent multi-organ impacts, blood clots, and an unusual immune-inflammatory response that is not usually associated with other similar viruses, mean that COVID-19 has developed a particularly difficult set of characteristics.

“The emergence of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), which causes COVID-19, has resulted in a health crisis that has not been witnessed since the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. Tragically , millions of people around the world have already died, “said co-author Ignacio Martin-Loeches, clinical professor at Trinity College Dublin.

While animal and experimental models imply that an overly aggressive immune-inflammatory response is a key factor, it appears that things work differently in humans – although inflammation is a factor, it is a unique deregulation of the immune response that causes our body to mismanage the way it fights the virus.

“Despite the international attention to the virus, we are only just beginning to understand its intricacies,” said Martin-Loeches.

“Based on growing evidence, we propose that COVID-19 should be viewed as a new entity with a previously unknown infectious profile. It has its own distinct characteristics and pathophysiology and we need to be aware of this when treating people.” , added Martin-Loeches. .

However, the co-author also said that doesn’t mean we should abandon existing best practice treatments based on our knowledge of other human coronaviruses.

But an impartial and progressive assembly of the main pieces of the COVID-19 puzzle for different cohorts of patients – based on gender, age, ethnicity, pre-existing co-morbidities – is what is needed to modify them. existing treatment guidelines, and then provide the most appropriate care. COVID-19 patients.


The above article was published by a news agency with minimal changes to the title and text.

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Thermal clips vs self-cooling weapons, explained Sat, 08 May 2021 06:15:00 +0000

Believe it or not, the switch from superheated weapons to a traditional ammo system between Mass Effect 1 and 2 actually has an explanation in the universe.

The next version of Mass Effectof Legendary edition will allow a new generation of gamers to experience not only one of the best role-playing games in video games, but also one of the best sci-fi epics ever made. The most commercialized aspect of the Trilogy Remaster is a complete improvement on the first game, which features various graphics and gameplay enhancements for modern audiences. But a notable aspect of the Mass effect 1The shooter has remained intact: unlimited ammo for all weapons, instead of using an overheating system varying from weapon to weapon.

Whenever Shepard draws his gun, regardless of type, the guns of Mass effect 1 will heat up as the number of shots is taken; Once a weapon overheats, players must allow the weapon to cool briefly before firing again. Sequels began to adopt more modern third-person shooter conventions with traditional ammo systems, leading to faster shooter play and ease of use for new players. Players in Mass effect 2 and 3 will eventually be unable to fire his weapon after a certain number of shots. Shepard is then forced to retrieve thermal clips from defeated enemies or on the map.

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While this is a change much appreciated by most fans of the series, the series also has an in-universe explanation of almost all of the major gameplay features of all three games. Implementing a traditional ammunition system would naturally contradict the first game’s explanation that all standard firearms use mass fields of effect to launch thousands of shaved metal cartridges from the weapon’s magazine. . Not to mention the daunting task of explaining how armed forces across the galaxy received a whole new standard of ammunition in a very short period of time.

Fortunately, Bioware thought about implementing knowledge about the in-game ammo system and therefore came up with the concept of “thermal clips”. Technically speaking, all firearms still retain their metal rod ammo, where the pistol’s internal mechanics shave tiny projectiles at the cost of overheating when firing too many shots too quickly. After the geth invasion of the Citadel, the galactic military everywhere realized the tactical advantage of firing more bullets downstream than the enemy.

With this new combat wisdom, galactic societies everywhere, from Citadel space to unexplored Terminus Systems, have adopted thermal clips as their primary method of ammunition in order to better combat geth, whose own weapons fired very, very quickly. The thermal clip system allows a typical mass effect firearm to fire many more bullets in a much shorter period of time at the cost of reaching the weapon’s maximum thermal tolerance much faster and being unable to shoot.

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The massive change in the use of thermal clips must have occurred very soon after the events of Mass effect 1, not even a year after the geth invasion and Sovereign’s defeat. The start of Mass effect 2 Shepard had nearly perished during the Collectors’ destruction of the first Normandy, Shepard waking up in a Cerberus base after a two-year resuscitation period. When the base is under siege and Miranda Lawson points Shepard at a weapon, the commander notices that there is no thermal clip in the gun, indicating that he knows what thermal clips are and how they work though. ‘they are out of the loop for a whole two years.

This may seem like a major drawback that negates all the point of having mass fields of effect for almost unlimited ammo. However, the standardization of thermal clips means that ammo can be found virtually anywhere in civilization, with the player very rarely finding themselves completely starved of ammo. There is also the added benefit of all guns (without heavy guns) having universal ammo types – picking up a heat clip will “reload” a pistol or shotgun without a problem.

Ultimately, while many fans prefer the overheat system, the thermal clips also lead to a much more careful play loop in Mass Effectsuites. Without the ability to fire an almost endless array of balls, players had to plan and think their way through encounters. Adding a narrative explanation makes this another way Mass Effect built his amazing world for gamers.

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