Film management company Henrietta provides horses and props for the film

HENRIETTA, Texas (KAUZ) — Henrietta is learning a bit about Hollywood. A Clay County film management company provides horses, acting training and props for films.

“They always say in filmmaking that the hardest thing to deal with is animals and children,” said Jeremy Hawa, director of The Powder Horn. “Today we are going to have both.”

Bucking Pony Film Management in Henrietta has spent the past 24 hours supplying horses and other stuff for a movie called The Powder Horn. It’s based on a legend of a headless horseman in Texas centuries ago.

“The movie itself is a man telling a story and they’re called flashback scenes, so there really isn’t a lot of sound involved in that,” Bucking owner John “Bit” Pruitt said. Pony Film Management. “It’s really the action of the story being told for the voiceover.”

His company has been involved in many movies over the years and said when it came to using horses it was always difficult to familiarize them with the actors and everything that was going on.

“Movie riding is somewhat different from everyday riding with horses,” Pruitt said. “There are certain techniques that they need to know, like how to hit their target and know where to stop that horse at a certain place so that this camera can pick up for that shot.”

And the director agrees.

“With horses, there are just a lot of complexities,” Hawa said. “Having to understand as a filmmaker the tolerance of animals. How much stamina they are going to have because you only get a limited amount of takes with them. It’s not like a person, when a horse decides it’s done, it’s done.

Pruitt said the time it takes to teach an actor to ride a horse in a movie varies by actor.

“I had actors that I worked with for 5-6 days and by day 6 they looked really natural and really safe and falling into place,” Pruitt said. “Then I had a few that I worked with after 3-4 days, we weren’t much further than when we started.”

The director said it was great working with Bucking Pony Film Management, and with teamwork behind the scenes, the film was able to make it to the big screen.

“It’s been great, lots of support,” Hawa said. “It wouldn’t have happened without a lot of people believing in the project and wanting to support it and be a part of it, so that was awesome.”

They will continue filming throughout Monday and end on Tuesday. The director hopes the film will be ready in late July or early August.

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