GoldenEye 007 Mod Recreates Roger Moore’s Best Bond Movie

This mod also makes you realize that The Spy Who Loved Me deserved a much better video game adaptation than this 1990 game that… uh… did its best. After all, this movie wasn’t just filled with memorable set pieces (including that amazing parachute sequence that kicks off the movie), but was that classic kind of Bond adventure across the world that naturally lends itself to a variety of levels. of video games. I’m a little sad that this mod doesn’t include a Lotus Esprit underwater shooting sequence, but beggars can hardly choose when it comes to a recreation of Roger Moore’s only great Bond movie.

Yes, I stand by that statement. As much as I like Just for your eyes and some of Moore’s guilty pleasure movies (moonraker and A view to kill), The Spy Who Loved Me is truly alone in the Moore era. It was Moore’s only Bond film that properly embraced the dumbest elements of that era while delivering a Bond adventure worthy of the character. This shows that Roger Moore was more of a mismanaged James Bond than a bad one. It’s also exactly the kind of Bond movie that’s easy to come back to whenever the franchise’s more serious recent installments necessarily leave you feeling down.

As for GoldenEye 007, reports suggest that the supposed remake/remaster of this game was recently delayed due to the war in Ukraine. So while we’re actually closer to this project than ever before, it seems like it’s still a long way off.

As for that james bond game that the Hitman the team is working on… well, we haven’t heard from this project in quite a while. As far as I can tell, however, it’s still intended to be some sort of james bond origin story. Selfishly, though, I somehow hope the game developers find a way to reinvent some classic James Bond sequences. As already pointed out, the “clown scene” of Octopus already feels like something you would find in a large Hitman Game.

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