GRAPHIC NOVEL CLUB: DARK KNIGHT RETURNS inker Klaus Janson says study, study, study


The Beat is a proud sponsor Comix Experience’s Graphic Novel of the Month clubs, which offer comic book fans an organized mix of the best of new graphic novels and conversations with the creators who create them. Each month, the staff at Comix Experience votes on three upcoming series of books that interest them the most: one is shown to adults, another to intermediate readers, and the third is a classic. Each club provides loot like original personalized bookplates signed for adults or buttons and magnets for kids (in this case the former, to support the featured Comics Masterpiece book, The return of the dark knight).

More interestingly, the Graphic Novel Clubs invite selected book creators to speak exclusively to GNC members in interviews conducted by the owner of Comix Experience. Brian Hibbs, who brings 30 years of experience in comics. These discussions are broadcast live to members across the country and are a fun and informative mix of conversations about craft and form, as well as comic book creation. Graphic Novel Clubs make a point of being inclusive, inviting creators of a wide variety of age, race, gender, and cultural perspectives to speak to members.

Membership is what drives these conversations, so if you like what you see, please support these discussions about comics and the creators who create them by joining the club.

Today: Brian Hibbs talk in ink pad Klaus Janson about his role in the flagship Batman comic book, The return of the dark knight. In this clip, Hibbs quizzes Janson about what advice he would give to upcoming and budding comic book creators, and the hired inkpad emphasizes study over everything. As he alludes, making comics requires experience in both cartooning and storytelling, so Janson recommends studying directing, filmmaking, and writing from anywhere you can get it. , whether through formal schooling or exploring YouTube.


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