Hey comic kids! Owner lists the best graphic novels in the library

Last October, Greenpoint resident Jason Mojica opened a comic book store after successfully selling comic books on a Franklin Street sidewalk with his son. The store, Hey Kids Comics! (157 Huron St.), is small and selective about the titles it offers.

Hey comic kids! store in Greenpoint.

This selectivity alongside what vendors call the “great manga shortage” has driven the Hey Kids Comics! owner to do something he never imagined doing. He told customers to go to the local library in Greenpoint and check out graphic novels for free.

“Since the start of the pandemic, Japanese comics known as manga have grown in popularity and publishers have been unable to meet the demand,” Mojica explained. “So while I would like to be able to sell the first volumes of titles like my hero academia to the people who come to get them, I can’t!

Instead, Mojica sent them to the library. “As much as we love selling books, we also love (and still use) the library,” Mojica said. In fact, Mojica thinks the Greenpoint Local Library’s outdoor reading deck is “the most idyllic place in Greenpoint to try to get your child to do their homework.” Greenpoint parents take note!

“The Brooklyn Public Library system has an impressive collection of graphic novels for young readers, including tons of out-of-print books,” Mojica said.

Part of the highly curated selection of Hey Kids Comics!

Because the selection at the library is so vast, Mojica used his expertise to put together a list he titled “50 Great Graphic Novels for Young Readers at the Brooklyn Public Library” which can be found on Hey Kids Comics! Blog.

One of Mojica’s favorite graphic novels that isn’t in his store is Yossub&! By Kiyohiko Azuma. The series was recommended to Mojica and her family by Queens-based comic book artist Kelly Fernandez. Mojica hasn’t been able to get the series for the store yet, but was thrilled to find it at the library. He calls it “a total delight”.

Yossub&! Volume 1 on the Hey Kids comics! Blog.

A somewhat surprising discovery is the graphic novel version of The little Prince by Joann Sfar. Mojica didn’t know this classic favorite was in graphic novel form, but it turned out to be fake after a customer asked for it and he did a search. It was published in 2021 and is now out of print, but can be found at Greenpoint Library.

The Little Prince graphic novel on Key Kids Comics! Blog.

There are also plenty of manga titles in the library. “With ‘The Great Manga Shortage’ running 2020 through 2021 and into 2022, the library is the best place to start reading some of the most popular manga series like my hero academiaMojica explains.

Check out the rest of the list and browse the Hey Kids Comics! blog here.

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