House of Wax Star Had Her Lips Stick Together For Real For A Horror Remake

House of Wax star Elisha Cuthbert reveals she got her lips sealed for real while filming the horror remake as they struggled to shoot the scene.

wax house Star Elisha Cuthbert reveals she got her lips sealed for real while filming the horror remake as they struggled to shoot the scene. The 2005 film served as the third adaptation of Charles S. Belden’s short story “The Wax Works” and was a loose remake of the two 1933 films. Mystery of the wax museum and the group led by Vincent Price wax house. The remake’s story revolves around a group of college students who find themselves trapped in a small town with a wax museum run by a pair of murderous conjoined twin brothers who turn their victims into the latest exhibits.

Cuthbert directed the casting of the wax house remake alongside Chad Michael Murray, Brian Van Holt in a dual role, Paris Hilton, Jared Padalecki, Jon Abrahams and Robert Ri’chard. Directed by black adamby Jaume Collet-Serra on a scenario of the future Conspiracy scribes Chad and Carey Hayes, the film was poorly received by critics upon release, with criticism directed at its stereotypical plot and uninteresting characters while expressing some positives regarding its performance and atmosphere. Despite the negative reviews, wax house was a modest box office success, grossing over $70 million from its $40 million budget and developing a small cult following in the years following its release.


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In a recent interview with Bloody disgustingElisha Cuthbert thought back to her time doing the wax house horror remake. The actress revealed she had her lips glued together for real in a sequence as she and the filmmakers struggled to find a way to make it work without looking”ridiculousand that she suggested getting completely practical for now. See what Cuthbert shared below:

“Man, intense days. Really intense days. And we couldn’t figure out how to do the lip collage without making it ridiculous. I had to be tense and fighting for my life, but I had to find a way to keep my mouth shut. So it just wasn’t working and I finally said to the prop guys, ‘Just take the glue. Just take real glue. So we ended up really sticking my lips together – not with crazy glue, but with something very similar. So I couldn’t separate them. There really wasn’t any other way to do it, without it looking silly. So we got down to it. »

Elisha Cuthbert in House of Wax

the wax house The scene in question saw Cuthbert’s Carly captured by one of the brothers and kept in the town’s gas station basement, with the brother sticking his lips together in hopes of keeping her quiet as his brother comes to get her. Cuthbert’s willingness to stick her lips sealed for real, albeit not as stiff as superglue, shows a strong devotion on the part of the actress to help make the scene as realistic as possible and help make squirm the audience. wax house wasn’t Cuthbert’s first or last time in the horror genre, having first found fame on the Nickelodeon original. Are you scared of the dark? series and later appearing in the controversial torture porn film Captivity.

At the time of its release, wax house made headlines with its marketing campaign centered around the death of Paris Hilton in the film, with a memorable tagline even explicitly stating “See Paris die!“. While the film may not have been a critical darling upon release, the marketing campaign ultimately worked in its favor at the box office and the remake has since continued to garner retrospective positive reviews from of the horror community for its brutal kills and effective atmosphere. Audiences can revisit the Max’s house remake as it is available to stream on Kanopy.

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Source: Bloody Disgusting

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