How Evil Dead, Redfall and more continue its legacy

It’s been a long time since Left 4 Dead 2, but the spirit of Left 4 Dead is alive and well in the new co-op titles announced at E3.

Left for dead is considered one of the greatest co-op games of all time for good reason. The four-player shooter developed by Valve presented an entire generation of fans with a close-knit collaborative action experience whose subtle mechanics allowed for endless replayability. With no follow-up on the horizon, other companies began to create new versions of this beloved series, such as the upcoming one. Back 4 Blood, which has already generated a huge buzz within the gaming community.

At this year’s E3, a slew of cooperative games with mechanics similar to Left for dead-style have been revealed. Ranging from original properties to licensed games, these new cooperative shooters preserve the legacy of the fan-favorite title.

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Red drop

redfall playable characters

One of the most surprising revelations from Microsoft and Bethesda’s joint press conference at E3, Red drop is developer Arkane Austin’s follow-up to the single-player shooter Prey. however, Red drop goes in a very different direction. Red drop is a four-player co-op shooter that features wise and colorful human characters in a world rife with monsters.

This time around, the monsters aren’t zombie hordes but rather mighty vampires. Players will need to unite, using conventional weapons and powerful abilities to save the town of Redfall, Massachusetts, which has been overrun by the blood-drinking creatures of the night. Red drop features an open world where sunlight has been blocked and a single team of four unique characters can send vampires back to hell with cooperative teamwork and violence.

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Evil Dead: The Game

Another shooter to come who exchanges Left for deadzombies for another monster is the licensed cover of the evil Dead franchise, featuring the return of iconic demon slayer Ash Williams and his motley team of allies. Evil Dead: The Game seems to be a combination of asymmetric multiplayer games like Death by the light of day and traditional humans blowing up monsters fight Left for dead mixed in a humorous and action-packed package.

Recently shown in a gameplay trailer during E3, Evil Dead: The Game puts a player as a mighty demon, able to own characters against a four-player team made up of heroes from the evil Dead film and television franchise. Players must defeat the demon with a horde of dead monsters in this return of the evil Dead series to the world of video games.

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Aliens: squad

Aliens Fireteam Hive flamethrower

Announced earlier this year and expected this summer, Aliens: squad is another licensed shooter that aims to provide a co-op third person shooter that reduces team members to three and brings the sci-fi horror of the Extraterrestrial franchise back in video games. By combining the series’ most iconic weapons and enemies with all-new surprises, Aliens: squad hope to continue the Extraterrestrial the revival of video games began with the excellent 2014 Alien: isolation.

Players can choose from five customizable classes, including the medic-focused “Doc” and the “Engineer” deploying gadget, and embark on a Left for dead-like four campaign arcs, each campaign containing three missions. Players will face not only classic xenomorphs, but also rogue synthetic androids and even brand new alien designs created exclusively for the game by developer Cold Iron Studios in this spooky space shooter.

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Warhammer 40K: Darktide

War hammer is a property that is no stranger to great cooperative games inspired by Left for dead. For years, developer Fatshark has released and updated his Warhammer: Vermintide series on two games that deliver medieval battles in a deep fantasy world. However, with the next Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, Fatshark aims to take the gameplay from Vermintide towards a distant future by creating a Left for dead-style of play inside the Warhammer 40K science fiction universe.

The oil spill trades Vermintidefocuses on melee combat mechanics for a melee and shooting hybrid that pits players against the Chaos forces of pure evil. Four players will unite and choose from a handful of unique characters to take on hordes of enemies ready to destroy the universe if their onslaught is not stopped. the Vermintide series has been hailed for its membership in and evolution of Left for dead-style in a deep RPG system. With a bit of luck, The oil spill will bring that same kind of gaming experience when it launches later this year.

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The Anacrouse

heroes of anacrusis fight enemies

The Anacrouse is a game firmly rooted in the sci-fi media world of the late 60s to early 70s like Logan’s Run and the original Battlestar Galactica. Studio Stray Bombay hopes to combine retro sci-fi flair with a tense alien battle that looks as good as it is acted out.

The Anacrouse has four suave survivors facing off against hordes of aliens aboard a groovy space station where the battle for the future of earth begins. The Anacrouse tries to provide a different experience for players on each round. Random generation AI redistributes enemy items and locations with each game, and attempts to surprise teams of four with new results and challenges. Players should remain vigilant when The Anacrouse coming out this fall.

2021 already seems to be the year of the cooperative video game revival, with games ready to deliver a great shooting experience for those who enjoy working with others. Even outside the Left for dead-style genre, the massive success of games like Valheim has proven that gamers value collaboration more than ever. Time will tell if the players find the next one Left for dead or simply revert to the original series to satisfy the need for cooperative shooting action.

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