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It was a huge night for Sony Pictures at the ongoing CinemaCon where the studio not only revealed plans for a fifth ghost huntersbut also officially confirmed plans for a third Venom.

the Spider Man the fallout continued into the last year Venom: let there be carnageled this time by Andy Serkiswhich had Tom Hardy returning as Eddie Brock, who is of course also the alien symbiote known as Venom.

Woody Harrelsonwho appeared as Cletus Kasady in the first film’s post-credits scene, eventually becomes Carnage in the film. Noemie Harris co-starred as Shriek and Carnage’s love interest.

There’s been a ton of flirtations from Sony’s brass who Tom HollandSpider-Man could eventually come face-to-face with Venom, which was teased not only in the sequel’s end credits, but also in last year’s one. Spider-Man: No Coming Home. Will the two finally meet before the Sinister Six officially reunite?

Meagan Navarro wrote in her Bloody Disgusting review that Venom: let there be carnagehits the ground running and doesn’t stop for the fast 90 minute run time. It’s the perfect execution for a romantic comedy, but as a superhero movie, it gets sloppy.

She continues, “But it’s hard not to be charmed by Venom trying to cheer up its host with a hearty breakfast and pep talks. Or a dose of self-love and acceptance under the shape of a confessional mic at a costume party. If you’re in a silly mood, this sequel nails it. But for an epic monster showdown, it lacks the bite.

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