Is time travel possible? This theory opens a new window of reality

Is time travel possible? This is the question that physicists have been trying to answer for decades. But can an age-old theory of relativity from Einstein shed more light on what has so far been in the realm of science fiction? To find.

Is time travel possible? We have all asked ourselves this question at least once in our lives. And it also remains one of the greatest mysteries for physicists to solve. From popular media to scientific journals, many have tried their hand at understanding and explaining this problem in their own way. Even Albert Einstein, the great physician, took up the challenge of understanding how time works and wrote his theory of general relativity around him. In short, time travel is the most fascinating and confusing puzzle out there. But if you look at the theory of relativity, it offers a small window into whether time travel is really possible or not. Keep reading to find out. Read also : Triumph of space! Photos of 4 brown dwarfs taken by a group of researchers

The challenges of time travel

In short, there are two big challenges in proving whether it is possible or not. The first is technology. Even if a physicist proves that time travel is real based on a genius equation, we’ll never really know unless we can build a machine capable of time travel based on that equation. But to build the time machine, we would likely need rare cosmic materials and technology that we don’t have access to right now. This is how technology has always evolved. Theory comes first, then once the technology catches up, the theories become reality. Virtual reality is a good example.

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The next and probably most important challenge for time travel is consistency. Consider this. You find a machine that can be used to time travel. You used it and went back ten minutes in time. After reaching the past, you committed suicide. But now that you killed yourself, you couldn’t have found the time machine ten minutes later and traveled back in time to kill yourself. In physics, this is called a paradox. And the paradox remains one of the biggest problems to solve in time travel. Read also : NASA’s largest spacecraft, Europa Clipper, will search for aliens on Jupiter’s moon

Einstein shows the way to time travel

The idea of ​​parallel universes has been around for a while now. From physicist Michio Kaku’s string theory to science fiction, we know what multiple dimensions and parallel universes look like. However, from a scientific point of view, taking another hypothetical concept to prove the hypothetical problem of time travel is not fair. This is why we consider the theory of general relativity as a solution to this problem. Einstein said that time was relative to the observer’s frame of reference. In a simplified way, this means that time is not a thing that exists but a point of reference. So while some things like mass are constant and not dependent on the environment, time is not.

And here’s how this theory can explain the possibility of time travel. According to the theory of relativity, the speed of light is constant while time is only a reference. Also, the speed of light is the fastest of anything that can move in the universe (according to our current knowledge). So, based on this, a person traveling at the speed of light will experience slower time than others and will actually travel in the past compared to others.

Astronaut Scott Kelly, born six minutes after his twin brother Mark, is a good example. Now Scott has spent 520 days in space aboard the International Space Station, which moves around the Earth at a speed of 28,160 km/h. This actually led to an expansion of time between the two brothers. During a roundtable, Mark said: “So where[as] Before I only had 6 minutes more, now I have 6 minutes and 5 milliseconds more,” reported.

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