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James Gunn has announced that a mysterious star will appear in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’.

The 55-year-old director confirmed on Friday evening (06.05.22) that filming for the final installment of the series had been completed, explaining that Zoe Saldana was missing from his behind-the-scenes photo because the only one he had with her also included her mysterious co-star.

Sharing a snap of himself laughing with Chris Pratt, Pom Klementieff, Karen Gillan, Dave Bautista and his brother Sean Gunn, he wrote, “And this is a Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy movie.

“I love this amazing cast team, their beautiful talented souls. I’m a lucky human to have them with me for almost a decade.

“And yes Zoe was with us but the only photo I have with her has an unannounced actor with us!”

James previously admitted there was “a lot of sadness” on the set of the film – due for release in May 2023 – because everyone knew it was their last outing.

One Twitter user asked, “Mr. Gunn, how’s the vibe on set?”

In response, James tweeted: “Honestly they are awesome, I love this cast and crew, but there’s also a lot of sadness and almost daily tears knowing this is the last Guardians movie for most of us. ‘between us.#gotgvol3.

The filmmaker previously admitted it was “a bit scary” to end the saga.

He said, “I just want to be true to the characters, to the story, and to give people the conclusion they deserve for the story…It’s always kind of scary; I try my best.”

The ‘Suicide Squad’ director also promised the movie would be “big” and “different” from what people might think it will be.

He said, “It’s big; it’s so, so big and dark, and different from what people might expect.”

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