Joker 2 will be musical: Lady Gaga in talks to star alongside Joaquin Phoenix

Directed by Todd Phillips, the 2019 Oscar-winning psychological thriller Joker is set to return with a sequel titled Folie à deux, with Joaquin Phoenix returning to his role as Arthur Fleck aka Joker. Unlike Joker, the sequel is expected to be a musical.

Joker was based on characters appearing in comic books published by DC Comics and was written by its director Phillips with Scott Silver. The production of Warner Bros. Pictures earned numerous nominations and accolades and also grossed $1 billion at the box office worldwide.

At the 92nd Academy Awards or Academy Awards, the film received 11 nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor for Phoenix, and Best Original Score Hildur Guonadotir.

Last week, Phillips revealed on social media that the title of the second film will be Folie à deux, which refers to a medical term for the same or similar mental disorder that affects two or more people, usually members of the same family. . Phillips co-wrote the script with his Joker co-writer Scott Silver and eventually showed it to the studio.

Lady Gaga to star in Joker sequel

Since the sequel to the hit psychological thriller was announced, another thing that’s been making the rounds on social media is that popular Hollywood singer and actress Lady Gaga is set to make her Joker film series debut. Apparently, the creators are in talks with the singer to bring her on board to play the character of Harley Quinn, and if all goes well, Gaga will be cast as Quinn in the sequel.

About the character of Harley Quinn

Although details of Gaga’s character, Harley Quinn, are being kept under wraps, Joker is known for his on-and-off abusive relationship with Quinn, who is her psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, a mental institution and falls in love with him and becomes an important part of her life. life as well as partner in crime.

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