Jonathan Banks on Mike Ehrmantraut’s Biggest Mystery

With You better call Saul completely finished, fans can only speculate what unanswered questions remain after the conclusion of the breaking Bad spin off. Whereas You better call Saul helped fill in Mike Ehrmantraut’s backstory (Jonathan Banks), there are still great mysteries about the character’s past. Fans aren’t the only ones wondering what could have been, as Banks himself has thought about these things.

Per Entertainment Weekly, Banks previously addressed Mike’s story during a breaking Bad meeting. The actor is very curious about Mike’s love life, acknowledging that the hitman and crime scene fixer isn’t someone who gets a lot of physical affection. Specifically, Banks wonders the most about his son’s mother, as her absence in both breaking Bad and You better call Saul has never been explained.


“Who was Mike in love with? Because you don’t touch Mike. If that person would step out of the past and just touch him on the shoulder, he’d almost crumble under that kind of softness, that kind of touch. My most big thing was – and it really disappointed me was – my son had a mother. Who? What was she? And I would have loved to see that character come in.

After the final of You better call Saul, there have been plenty of fans on social media suggesting a new prequel series about Mike Ehrmantraut’s early years as a rogue cop in Pennsylvania. Of course, a new actor would more than likely be cast in the role if a series like this were greenlit, though Banks could potentially appear in flash-forward footage. There’s no indication of a series like this currently being considered at AMC, but should it ever come to fruition, we could very well find the answers to Banks’ questions.

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Patrick Fabian wanted Howard Hamlin to meet Gus Fring

Entertainment Weekly also revealed the missed opportunity Howard Hamlin actor Patrick Fabian had in mind for his character. While Howard had an unfortunate encounter with cartel madman Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton) in Season 6 of You better call Saul, he did not share the screen with Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito). It’s hard for Fabian not to imagine Howard and Gus in the same scene, pointing out that they would be the two best-dressed people in the room.

“I wanted to have a scene with Gus Fring. I wanted to meet him somewhere. he was looking at me, and we were admiring each other’s costumes and there was a symbolic notion like, ‘We are like-minded individuals.’ Because I think we kind of are. He’s just in a different company. So that’s what I’ve always hoped for.

Although the two characters didn’t necessarily meet face to face, Howard still ended up being a part of this world with his final resting place under the superlab.

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