Jordan Peele links upcoming movie to recent viral video

Last week arrived the official trailer for Jordan Peele’s Nope, the Oscar-winning writer-director’s third social thriller. Previously, all that was known about the film was the cast and a teaser poster, which showed an ominous cloud with a hanging kite tail. The Nope trailer gave us our first look at the film’s plot, revealing that the film is about UFOs and aliens. Brief snippets of the aliens are seen in the first footage of the film with a matchstick of their spacecraft and now Peele himself has offered a cryptic hint about the upcoming film.

On Friday, Peele tweeted a video from a news broadcast, simply captioning his tweet “#NOPEMOVIE.” The video comes from The Today Show, revealing a flock of yellow-headed blackbirds suddenly falling to the ground without warning. You may have a number in your mind when you hear “flock”, but triple that number because it’s a ton of birds falling from the sky uninvited. The reasoning behind the falling birds is unclear, but Peele’s association of the clip with his own film makes us think of one thing, aliens.

Massive bird deaths have become linked to UFO and alien conspiracy theories in recent years, although the real cause of this phenomenon is likely to be a number of factors such as weather, pollution and even the climate change. A previous report from Discovery on the matter revealed, it is not so uncommon for animals traveling in large herds to perish in such a way, however biblically apocalyptic it may seem. That said, Peele associating it with his next film is a big hint to its extraterrestrial content, namely that it will delve into the larger pop culture phenomena we associate with UFOs and extraterrestrial conspiracies. The little green men are coming, and they are apparently about to kill all the birds.

Jordan Peele’s Nope stars Oscar-winning actor Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out, Judas and the Black Messiah), Keke Palmer (Hustlers, Alice) and Oscar nominee Steven Yeun (Minari, Okja) as residents of a ravine loner from the interior of California which bear witness to a strange and chilling discovery. Universal’s description of the film calls it a reimagining of the summer movie plus a “new pop nightmare” and an “expanding horror epic”.

Nope, which co-stars Michael Wincott (Hitchcock, Westworld) and Brandon Perea (The OA, American Insurrection), is written and directed by Jordan Peele and is produced by Ian Cooper (Us, Candyman) and Jordan Peele for Monkeypaw Productions. The film will be released by Universal Pictures on July 22.

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