Juno: behind-the-scenes facts about the movie

Juno has garnered fans since the film’s release in the late 2000s. The film was heralded as a modern cult hit and featured a divisive community regarding its themes and subject matter.

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many say Juno is one of Michael Cera’s finest films, and the story of Juno MacGuff and Paulie Bleeker from director Jason Reitman has captivated many moviegoers since its release. Some fans might be surprised to learn the details of the movie that helped bring it to a wide audience.

Diablo Cody’s ex-husband was adopted

Diablo writer Cody drew on several real-life experiences of herself and others to develop the storyline for Juno. She spoke with adoptive parents and adoptees. Cody’s husband at the time of filming, Jonny Hunt, was adopted.


Daily mail reported only after Juno having become developed, Hunt reconnected with his biological parents after a period of resistance. However, just before the film was released, the couple separated.

The ultrasound scene was based on real events

Elliot Page and Allison Janney watch an ultrasound at Juno.

While Diablo Cody drew on the experiences of adoptive parents in writing Juno, she has also researched high school students who have experienced unplanned pregnancies. Some of their experiences entered the script and appear in the film in memorable sequences.

When Juno MacGuff has an ultrasound with her mother Bren MacGuff and her best friend Leah, the technician makes a critical remark to the group. age reported that this scene was from real life. Cody’s friend who got pregnant in high school went through a similar situation, leading him to write the swap.

JK Simmons was ready to take any part

JK Simmons looks surprised on Juno's couch.

JK Simmons’ Mac MacGuff is one of the most likable characters in Juno. He is Juno’s father and features several amusing lines in the film. He also makes heartwarming moments. However, Simmons had no idea he was going to play a significant role in the film.

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After reading the script, the actor was captivated and wanted to sign on for any role. He said Opposite side he was so invested in the script that he “would have literally played the high school teacher that Olivia Thirlby flirts with [who has no lines in the film]. I had to be in this movie.”

Mark reads the Diablo Cody blog in a scene

Jason Bateman smiling on a couch with Eliiot Page in Up In The Air.

Juno turned 15 in 2022, and for many fans the film feels like a modern classic. However, Diablo Cody writer’s career has its roots in internet writing. Before JunoDiablo Cody wrote a blog titled The P*ssy Ranch.

There’s an Easter egg that eagle-eyed Cody fans can spot in a quick scene featuring Jason Bateman’s Mark Loring. As he sits at his computer, Cody’s blog briefly appears on his screen as he seems to catch up on his latest writing.

Elliot Page shaped the soundtrack

Ellen Page in Juno

Juno is one of Elliot Page’s highest rated films. Fans of the movie might say they can’t imagine him with another star. They might be surprised to learn that this page was instrumental in creating Junothe soundtrack of. It’s hard to argue that the music doesn’t shape the film’s whimsical feel, and Elliot Page is largely responsible.

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Director Jason Reitman said Product Reviews that Page suggested using music from The Moldy Peaches in the film and that he “fell in love” with the tunes after hearing them. Moldy Peaches’ Kimya Dawson ended up providing much of the film’s soundtrack.

Ultrasound images were from a crew member’s wife

Nurse performs an ultra sound in Juno.

Fans may remember the ultrasound sequence from Juno. Juno, her mother and her friend Leah have a short confrontation with the technician after images of Juno’s development are shown in cloudy black and white on a screen.

Scott Sanders was a sound engineer on Juno, and he donated production footage of his wife’s ultrasound to use in the film. His son Matthew Sanders is credited as “Ultrasound Baby”.

Burger phones were sent to critics for promotion

Elliot Page uses a burger phone in Juno.

Perhaps one of the most memorable accessories of Juno appears in the titular character’s room. She’s talking on a hamburger-shaped phone, just like Diablo Cody said Weekly entertainment she had as a teenager.

The phone gained relevance as promotion for the film continued upon its release. Social Media Ready reported that the people behind Juno sent promotional burger phones to critics to try and get them to review the film. They even seemed functional.

Green Day used a line from the movie

Juno became increasingly culturally relevant in the years following its release. Some actors have come together to speak at the 2022 Oscars, and fans who came of age when the movie dropped might say it’s nostalgic for them to watch it now.

Green Day may have helped solidify Junoby naming a song after a line from the movie. During a scene between Juno and Bren, her mother asks why she left “East Jesus nowhere”. A song called “East Jesus Nowhere” was released on Green Day’s The 21st century breakdown.

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