Kaleidescape, creators of the ultimate movie player, teams up with leading home theater acoustic designer Keith Yates Design

KYD, with its award-winning versatile creative designs and acoustic engineering, is the preferred choice for from hollywood elite clients, often selected by great directors, producers, sound specialists and cinematographers. In 2019 KYD received the prestigious Home Theater of the Decade from AVS Forum for its design of the Hahn Theater, an inspiring project carried out with the director of photography Rob Hahn which has received worldwide recognition.

“Keith Yates Design and Kaleidescape have a common goal: to deliver a deeply inspired, unique, personalized and immersive theatrical experience shaping the entertainment space,” said Taylor Stansbury, CEO, Kaleidescape. “KYD’s design, paired with Kaleidescape, delivers unparalleled acoustic movie magic, which is why we’re working with them to design the Kaleidescape Movie Lab at our headquarters.”

KYD has been specifying Kaleidescape systems for decades to provide its customers with the best performance and user experience. Going forward, Kaleidescape’s content team will use the KYD-designed lab to ensure that all movies released on its movie store deliver the benchmark quality experience that customers have come to expect from Kaleidescape.

“Kaleidescape makes the best movie servers and players in the industry, and we use the system for all of our calibrations when we do quality control on an ordered KYD home theater,” said Keith Yates, President and Creative Director, Keith Yates Design. “A cinematic experience designed and engineered by KYD is enhanced and further resolved with the performance benefits only available with Kaleidescape’s high-fidelity video source material and lossless audio, which optimizes everything in the theater to deliver the best performance. “

Kaleidescape’s uncompromising product, combined with a KYD-designed room, elevates the cinematic experience to another level. A theater designed and manufactured by KYD makes it possible to fully appreciate the technical performance advantages of a Kaleidescape system.

To celebrate this partnership, each KYD Theater ordered with a Kaleidescape system will come with a one-of-a-kind hardcover book highlighting the design and engineering of the KYD Theater. “This partnership is a natural fit as KYD and Kaleidescape are aligned to deliver the best-in-class home theater experience, an experience our customers will be proud to commemorate by exhibiting this book,” Yates concludes.

About Kaleidescape (www.kaleidescape.com)
Kaleidescape is the ultimate movie player. Kaleidescape elevates every component of your theater, with high-fidelity video source material, lossless audio, and integration signals to control lighting, shading, seating, lenses, and screen blanking. Based in Silicon Valley, Kaleidescape manufactures its products in the UNITED STATES and sells exclusively through custom installers.

About Keith Yates Design (www.keithyates.com)
KYD is the world’s leading design and engineering company specializing in high-end, purpose-built private theaters and screening rooms. KYD relies on a scientific approach supported by more than $400,000 in specialized engineering tools and an in-house team of architects, engineers, interior designers, project managers and construction administrators. Since 1991 KYD focused on visioning, modeling, optimizing, documenting, testing, and obsessively calibrating these locations for cinematographers, technologists, and everyday movie and music enthusiasts.

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