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Kin Dread is a 2021 psychological thriller about a young sound designer with retrograde amnesia who uncovers a series of murders in his apartment building but when the carnage triggers memories of his mysterious past, he rushes to stop the killer before losing those he he likes the most.

Directed, co-produced and edited by Adrian Leon from a screenplay co-written with Steven Clayton. Also produced by Erik Gloege. Executive produced by David Henningsen, Amy Meyer-Terry and Curtis Terry.


The production of Nemesis stars Ethan Smart, Patrick Cupo, Elinor Gunn, Kevin Owyang, Corinna Jones/Harney, Isaiah Dell, Kellie Christensen and Curtis David.


Kin Dread might owe to some of the great thrillers of yesteryear, but that shouldn’t be considered a flaw. Leon takes what works in these classic films and uses them to create something original and engaging. The plot is tightly wound and the impressive cast keeps the mystery going for as long as possible. 9.5/10, Movie Threat


“The climax features a really unexpected twist, but I’m not sure Kin Dread is built clearly enough for this ultimate payoff to be as impactful as it could have been. However, it will probably make you want to go back and review and Kin Dread remains interesting; at no point did it feel like it was dragging, making it an overall very pleasant experience.” Out of the spotlight


Full movie – free to watch online on YouTube:

Cast and characters:
Ethan Smart … Winters
Patrick Cupo … Alan
Elinor Gunn … Jane
Kevin Owyang … Leonard
Corinna Jones/Harney … Marie
Isaiah Dell…Young Winters
Kellie Christensen … Nurse Briggs
Curtis David … Shawn
Paris Dunbar/Anderson … Carys
Tori Ellis … Young Jane
Michael Gloeckner … Barry
Coy Higley…Winters’ father
Emperor Kaioyus … Alex
Yeika Perez … Rebecca
Anthony Ramos … Gordon
Ring Béatrice … Iris
Kelsey Risher … Beard
Chuck Rounds… Dr. Bill Hayworth
Scott Shepherd … Officer Shrag
Kelsey Sissons … Rosie
Caitlin Terry … Anne
J Vanburen … Marthe
Colin Ward…Harris
David Wilson … Jimmy

Filming locations :
Boulder City, Nevada

Technical details:
1 hour 34 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1

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