Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese reunited for a seventh film

Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese reunite for their seventh movie together as star and director with an adaptation of The Wager.

The cinematographic couple of Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese are back together, as they will reunite for their seventh film: The bet. As one of Hollywood’s finest actors and directors, any new project involving one or the other becomes a bit of an event movie. The two men have become great collaborators over the years, such as in 2002 New York Gangs saw a young DiCaprio team up with the legendary director for the first time. Their partnership continued with the 2004 True Story the aviator and 2006 The deadboth of which made Leo the main character and established him as a Hollywood star.


The couple took a little break after The dead ultimately gave Scorsese the Best Picture Oscar. It was then in 2010 that DiCaprio starred in Scorsese’s mystery thriller shutter island. The famous two worked together again in 2013 for the wolf of Wall Street, which is often cited as their best collaboration. DiCaprio has not appeared in a Scorsese film since then, although the director has directed two other films. He’s set to play a supporting role in Scorsese’s next film in 2023. The Moonflower Slayerswhich will be their sixth film together.

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It has now been announced that Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese are developing their seventh film. THR announced that Scorsese would produce and direct The betwhich DiCaprio will also produce and star. The film is an adaptation of the recently released book The Bet: A Story of Shipwreck, Mutiny and Murderwhich was written by The Moonflower Slayers author David Grann. DiCaprio and Scorsese’s new film will be released through Apple Original Films, but no release date has been announced. It’s also unclear when filming will begin.

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of The Departed

The Story of DiCaprio and Scorsese’s Movie The bet is set in the 1740s and focuses on two groups of castaways. The first boat, which lands on the coast of Brazil, contains 30 emaciated men who claim to be the surviving crew of a British ship that crashed on a remote island. The second ship arrives on the Chilean coast six months later and in worse condition, carrying three sailors who claim the other men are mutineers. The story of naval survival is based on a trial by the British Admiralty to find out what really happened between the two ships and the harsh conditions in which the men struggled to survive.

Without surprise, The bet unlike any of the other collaborations between DiCaprio and Scorsese. Their films regularly explore different genres and settings, giving the two artists a chance to do something new together. The couple also resulted in some of Martin Scorsese’s best films. Although there is no news on when the public will be able to see Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsesethe seventh film together, that won’t stop fans of their individual works and collaborations from getting excited for The Bet. All that remains is to complete the pairing The Moonflower Slayers to move the focus to the new movie.

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