Logan Paul responds to backlash against his opinion on NOPE movie

After a huge backlash on Twitter over Logan Paul’s take on the movie Nope, he took to Jake Paul’s Impaulsive podcast to respond to the “strong reaction” from the internet.

Nope is Jordan Peele’s latest creation. It’s a film that explores the profitability of mystery and the dangers that come from chasing both views and money without worrying about safety. Shortly after its release, Logan Paul took to Twitter to address his disappointment with the “slow and confusing” film.

The post inspired a plethora of comments and backlash, often stating that he didn’t understand it because the movie is similar to how he conducts himself or that he just didn’t have the IQ to understand the movie. himself. Weeks later, on his brother Jake Paul’s Impaulsive podcast, Logan addressed the backlash and explored both why he posted the Tweet in the first place and why the comments were unwarranted.

Logan Paul begins by joking that he “formed a strong opinion and the internet had a strong reaction” after his brother discovered that people don’t form their own opinion anymore.

Shortly after, he clarifies that he’s not the one trying to cause drama or attack Jordan Peele in general. He just had “very high expectations” of Nope after the success of Get Out, one of Peele’s most successful tracks. These expectations were shot down and projected his disappointment on Twitter to give his thoughts on the film.

Ultimately, as Logan Paul explains in the podcast, film is a work of art, and since art is ultimately subjective, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. He goes on to explain that “opinions don’t matter” when it comes to filmmaking or art in general, all he was trying to do was start a conversation about what he had. seen.

One of the most important aspects of the reaction was to attack Logan Paul’s intellect, simply saying he didn’t like it because he didn’t understand it. Paul went on to explain that all he was trying to do was start a conversation and that there was “no need to attack the intellect”. The comments were so frequent that Paul revealed he was “tempted to offer each of the people who called me an idiot ten thousand dollars if they can prove they have a higher IQ than me”.

The backlash was mostly focused on Logan Paul as a person rather than the movie itself, and Paul was sure to address those issues with the Nope movie opinion response.

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