Mariah Farrow’s father is working on a film to honor a CSU student killed in 2015

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) — Seven years ago, a freshman at Columbus State University was killed in a blind rage by her ex-boyfriend in Phenix City.

The charged suspect was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. Mariah Farrow’s story recently aired on an episode of “Fatal Attraction” on TV One.

The central message of this episode was the need for more victims of domestic violence to speak out. With that in mind, her dad says he’s working on a longer play and is editing a movie.

“Be safe there. No one can be trusted. You know, my love, it doesn’t hurt,” Zachary Farrow said.

In 2015, Columbus State University lost one of its own. Freshman Mariah Farrow was killed in Phenix City, according to police. The suspect charged with murder in her death was her ex-boyfriend, Demetrius Dorsey.

After the loss of his daughter, her father Zachary says the family suffered another blow – the second time from the justice system when Dorsey was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole after reaching a plea deal in 2019.

“He’s a failure for us…and we’re going to make sure we’re sitting in the front row every time he asks for parole. And every time he comes looking for him, there’s going to be someone who will make sure he never comes out. And that’s a promise,” Zachary said.

Mariah’s story was recently featured on an episode of Fatal Attraction. His father says he is a big fan of the show and contacted the production himself. During the episode, her family says they had no idea Mariah’s ex was abusive. His dad offers this key advice to parents.

“Be curious. Find out what they did. Phones – this is one of the keys to many things we could solve here. Drop in once in a while,” he suggests.

And Mariah’s phone was crucial evidence. The production showed incriminating messages found by detectives, including one where Dorsey threatened to kill Mariah minutes before it actually happened. However, her response indicated that she did not take the threat seriously.

Her father and mother have other plans online to continue raising awareness. One hopes to create a foundation and the other is working on a film.

“It will be a true story about him, but there will be things in there that we will try to get others to notice so they can understand that this really happened,” Zachary said.

Dorsey is still serving his life sentence at Elmore Correctional Institution. He is eligible for parole in October 2030.

“If you fall in love, make sure you know that background, make sure you know everything about that person,” Zachary said, reminding people to watch out for red flags.

Columbus State University offers a variety of Resources such as counselling, legal and financial assistance to students and staff who are victims of traumatic crimes such as domestic violence. For more information, click here.

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