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MUMBAI – A faceless cast takes nothing away from the crisp, albeit slightly embarrassed, attempt to create a thriller, that too with a double twist, in Pratilipi’s first web offering ‘Midnight Lily’. Based on a blockbuster short story they posted earlier, this four-episode tale lasts roughly an hour in total.

It’s simple: writer Ved Kumar Tomar (Sandeep Jain) suspects his wife Neena (Harita Shah) of an extramarital affair and during an argument she is accidentally murdered. As he considers several panic options, the body disappears. Worse yet, he receives visitors at this late hour – a woman whose bike broke outside (Spoorthi Biradar) and a man who had a meeting anyway with Neena, a lawyer (Rohit Hemrajani).

When the cops arrive, Ved confesses, but the cops don’t believe he doesn’t know where the body is. Other characters enter and the ardent lead cop (Sachin K. Malvi, who directed the film) is puzzled but determined.

There are also images of someone dismembering a human body even as the mystery deepens, and the only denouement is possible. But at the climax, there’s a horrible double twist that changes skin tone.

The performances are all correct, quite competent. The same goes for the direction, and the script is pretty decent. Overall, while technically average obviously due to limited resources, the series is well done.

Rating: ***

Produced by: Pratilipi with HPF Films & Zonolith

Directed by: Kush Singh & Sachin K. Malvi

Written by: Kush Singh, Aditya Raj Somani, Shubham Sharma, Navin Lalwani & Vishal

Music: Mohit Manore

Starring: Sandeep Jain, Harita Shah, Spoorthi Biradar, Rohit Hemrajani, Vishal, Rashika Pradhan, Zoheb, Bhavani Shankar, Sachin K. Malvi, Shubham Dadhich, Puneet Shukla, Ganesh HS and others

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