Monster of the Mohanlal-Vysakh duo: A thriller full of twists and turns

Malayalam’s date with Punjabi suits is nothing new. So when Monster, star of Mohanlal, written by Uday Krishna and directed by Vysakh, opens with the “beautiful beauty” and the turban of Lucky Singh (Mohanlal) vibrating and talkative, the eager audience is quite at the easy.

Bhamini (Honey Rose) is a She Taxi driver who picks up Lucky Singh upon his arrival at the airport. Lucky Singh has a few things to take care of in Kerala and takes the flight home in the evening.

The Malayali-Sardarji insists on Bhamini’s presence with him, which the latter reluctantly accepts, although it is her first wedding anniversary and she must be with her husband.

Lucky Singh is adamant and steps into their personal space, befriends their five-year-old daughter and nanny Durga (Lakshmi Manchu), and leads the celebration.

The film progresses with few companies to consider, but leaves enough hints of something big in store. The story then veers into thriller terrain and continues to rain down twists and turns. Honey Rose’s superb performance makes situations compelling, while meticulously choreographed action sequences might get you out of trouble. Lakshmi Machu also offers moderate dramas. Mohanlal holds his fort with momentum.

The charming visuals and faces that fill the frames, an energetic tapping number that beautifully blends Punjabi, Hindi and Malayalam lyrics and a punchy BGM from Deepak Dev will keep you glued to the screen.

Other than that, surrounding a huge police force including Siddique, Ganesh Kumar, Lena, and Anjali Nair is an undue burden on the storyline.

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