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Ambulance (Now playing in theaters)
Rated R – for language and violence

This week I saw Ambulancethe latest release from director Michael Bay, also known as the guy who made two too many Transformer movies because he needed a summer abode in Aspen.

The Basic Plot: A decent guy needs money for his sick wife, the brother is a bad guy, a decent guy joins the bad brother’s bank robbery, and of course the heist gets funky. This is when the plot becomes a little original. They escape in an ambulance with an EMT and an injured cop, with seemingly every Los Angeles area cop in hot pursuit. (Meanwhile, everywhere else crime is going crazy I guess since everyone is busy chasing two guys in an ambulance. Oh wait – it’s Los Angeles everyday now. Seriously, it’s like this town lived in madmax times or something.)

Honestly, very little new ground is innovated here. It’s ultra-violent, there’s enough swearing to make me blush, and from what I can tell the Los Angeles Police Department needs a massive job fair and a increased car budget by the end of this movie, if that were real.

The film is entertaining, however, even though it left several plot holes at the end.

Ambulance gets three out of five stars, but only because the action scenes are very well done and for star Jake Gyllenhaal’s over-the-top performance as a psychopath.

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