‘MST3K’ brings its cheesy movie reviews to Mesa

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Most Gen Xers who spent time surfing the channels in the ’90s remember a cable staple that appeared to be on TV almost 24 hours a day. The unique image of a terrible low-budget sci-fi or horror movie, projected onto an old-fashioned Panavision screen with the silhouette of three figures in the lower right corner, was the hallmark of “Mystery”. Science Theater 3000 “.

The show was developed in 1988 on the premise that a man is trapped in a spaceship where he is forced to watch the worst movies ever made. Using spare parts from the ship, he creates robotic puppets to watch these films with him. The humor comes from their running commentary mocking the ridiculously low quality of these films, like a 1950s cheeseball Air Force flick.

The show ran for seven seasons on Comedy Central until it was canceled in 1996. Various versions of a live stage production have been touring for years, and the latest iteration is coming to the Valley.

The Time Bubble Tour will be in Mesa on December 29 at the Ikeda Theater. Roland Emmerich’s not-so-classic “Making Contact” is the feature film.

The show spoke with actor and MST3K comedian Yvonne Freese about the live performance and premise of “MST3K”.

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