NanoMosaic Partners with BrickBio to Augment Neurology Content with Novel Tau (Phospho-Thr217) Antibody

BOSTON, June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — NanoMosaic, a pioneer and leader in nano-needle (MosaicNeedle™) technology for proteomics and multi-omics, is expanding its capabilities in neurology companion diagnostics (CDx) and future diagnostic tests, by providing a new highly sensitive site-specific conjugated antibody against phosphorylated Tau (Phospho-Thr217). The new antibody was designed to have higher affinities and improved performance on NanoMosaic’s Tessie™ platform.

The request from pharmaceutical partners for a highly sensitive and wide dynamic range proteomics platform in neurology, using a fully automated sample preparation solution on a standard liquid handler, initiated the collaboration between NanoMosaic and BrickBio, the leader in incorporation of unnatural amino acids (UAA) and site-specific conjugation. BrickBio has engineered a novel Phospho-Thr217 antibody and, using its Site-Select Panel™, will rapidly deliver variants of the antibody conjugated to proprietary NanoMosaic moieties at sites of optimal performance enhancement. The chosen end-sites will significantly emphasize key properties of antibody performance, while working in conjunction with the dynamics of surface chemistry on the NanoChip™, resulting in a neurology solution. sensitive, label-free and robust proteomics with digital quantification.

“NanoMosaic’s unique approach to high-sensitivity detection is greatly enhanced by expanding our mating strategies,” said Josh Ritchey, Vice President of Product Development at NanoMosaic. “Using proprietary moieties to activate these unique binding modes truly puts NanoMosaic at the forefront of proteomics assay performance,” concluded Ritchey.

“The site-specific introduction of stable conjugation handles across the antibody scaffold, powered by BrickBio’s Site-Select Panel™, continues to expand the repertoire of previously inaccessible applications,” said James Italy, Vice President of Business Development at BrickBio. “No other technology enables the breadth of conjugation site flexibility needed to drive spatially oriented surface functionalization with unprecedented control,” Italia concluded.

“The collaboration between BrickBio and NanoMosaic to develop a novel Phospho-Thr217 antibody, for pharmaceutical partners developing CDx assays and future IVD, in vitro diagnostic applications, will provide unprecedented fully automated workflow benefits that will provide measurements accurate numerical data at the highest throughput with the widest dynamic range, compared to any current commercial proteomics system,” said John Boyce, co-founder of Tiger Gene. “These development and measurement advantages can translate into a significant increase in effective treatments for patients,” Boyce concluded.

About NanoMosaic Inc.
NanoMosaic, a Boston-based biotechnology company, is the only commercial entity to develop and harness the power of nanoneedles, MosaicNeedles™, for protein detection and quantification to develop cutting-edge assays for the discovery and validation of biomarkers. The NanoMosaic platform, Tessie™, alleviates bottlenecks in proteomics analysis and provides an end-to-end solution that enables first-of-its-kind protein interrogation and multi-omics analysis at the within a single chip in a single run. Proprietary technology enables rapid end-user customization for assay development for proteomics and/or nucleic acid content. The NanoMosaic platform enables researchers to push the frontiers of biomarker discovery and diagnosis.

About BrickBio, Inc.
BrickBio Inc., a Bostonbased on biotechnology, enables next-generation unnatural amino acid-coupled protein conjugation with its site-specific and site-selective platform. The platform’s technology spans both prokaryotic and eukaryotic expression systems, enabling the development of unique protein biologics and therapeutics with enhanced characteristics, including improvements in half-life, dosage, and efficacy. With the broadest toolbox of bioconjugation handles, BrickBio can optimize any conjugate and is uniquely positioned to push the frontier of biologics with the selective modification of multiple distinct sites on a single protein. BrickBio works with partners to develop state-of-the-art therapeutic and RUO kits with its proprietary bioconjugation strategies. BrickBio is expanding its therapeutic programs, including ADCs, bispecific conjugates and novel scaffolds.

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