Netflix Doc The Marilyn Monroe Mystery Reveals New Stories From The Hollywood Icon

August 5, 2022 will mark the 60th anniversary of the death of sultry screen goddess Marilyn Monroe. Much has been said, written and filmed about him, including the upcoming biographical drama Blondalso another Netflix movie that is set to debut in December 2022. In the meantime, The Marilyn Monroe Mystery: Unreleased Tapes is an in-depth documentary by investigative journalist Anthony Summers, exploring Marilyn Monroe’s final hours and currently streaming on Netflix.

Many things may not be new to many. Still, there could be intimate details that are. For example, Monroe finding notes written by her then-husband, famed playwright Arthur Miller, calling her a disappointment among other names is likely to be surprising and heartbreaking to Marilyn Monroe fans. Miller and Monroe were both observed by the FBI due to Miller’s affiliation with communism.


Plus, there’s just something about the audio that captivates. Hearing from friends and witnesses reminiscing about events can sometimes be a heartbreaking one. Although she was admired by millions, Monroe’s life began sadly, ended tragically, and without much happiness in between.

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The cover-up was not a matter of foul play

Anthony Summers spoke to a thousand people who knew Monroe and spent three years collecting 650 of the interviews on tape. Those interviewed include Angie Novello (RFK personal secretary), Jane Russell (actress), Danny and Joan Greenson (children of Monroe psychiatrist Ralph Greenson), Ken Hunter (paramedic), Fred Otash (private investigator), Reed Wilson (professional monitoring) and more.

Although there are some discrepancies, several interviewees corroborate one of the more bizarre sequences of events. Apparently, on the night of August 4, 2962, Monroe’s public relations manager arrived at his residence at 11:00 p.m. An ambulance was called and Monroe psychiatrist Dr. Ralph Greenson accompanied his comatose patient to the hospital where she died or on the way. His body was then taken home to be ‘discovered’ in the morning.

According to wiretap agent Reed Wilson, who told Summers about a secret recording set up in the star’s home, “she was raising a stink” the day she died. He added that the actress called JFK and the White House and complained. A second wiretap agent, Paris Theodore, also claimed to have eavesdropped on the last day. Theodore told Summers he heard the words:

“Where is it? Where the fuck is it?”

Summers believes the “it” referred to was Monroe’s diary. Sydney Guilaroff, hairstylist to the stars, corroborated the story, saying Monroe called him around 9.30pm the night she died, upset over a row she had had with Attorney General RFK. the Some like it hot The actress told Gilaroff that RFK was home earlier threatening her and that she knows a lot of secrets about what happened in Washington. Dangerous ones.

The accounts of Monroe’s housekeeper, Eunice Murray, had been inconsistent over the years. However, in a 1985 interview, Murray nearly cried:

“Oh, Mr. Summers, why do I have to keep covering up?” »

Summers concludes that he doesn’t think the way Monroe’s death is the cover-up, but it’s her ties to the Kennedys and the secrets she took to the grave.


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