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BBC series Peaky Blinders investigated alleged Covid-19 violations

Producers of Peaky Blinders are under investigation for alleged violations of Covid-19 restrictions. Crew members say they were put at risk after a staff member continued to work on set despite testing positive, The Guardian reported. The Birmingham-based gangster series is currently in production for its sixth and final series. Filming on the BBC show was suspended earlier this week, with a spokesperson for the show at the time saying it was because of a ‘false positive test for a crew member “. But crew members say filming continued for a few hours after the result until another staff member found out and stopped filming. A second test of the infected crew member came back negative and firing resumed. Union Bectu has confirmed that it is investigating the allegations. Spencer MacDonald, one of its national secretaries, said: “Security protocols are in place to create a safe working environment for the cast and crew. “Therefore, the production should have informed everyone immediately and stopped filming. “Otherwise, such an error could have contributed to the spread of the virus. We are currently waiting for production to respond. Some of the crew reportedly reacted angrily to the find, wondering why the shooting had not been stopped immediately after the first test result. One of them alleged that some of those who worked on set with him were unaware that the crew member had tested positive and some would be reluctant to continue filming on Peaky Blinders. Although aired on the BBC and Netflix, the show is co-produced by two companies: Caryn Mandabach Productions and Tiger Aspect. A spokesperson for the show declined to reveal who had the test, for ‘data protection’ reasons, and said: ‘Filming has been suspended on Peaky Blinders due to false positive test result for a crew member. “As per protocol, this person took an NHS test and anyone who came in contact with them has isolated themselves – the safety of our team on Peaky Blinders is of utmost importance. The NHS test came back negative and filming resumed on Thursday. The show has been critically acclaimed since its inception in 2013 with its final episode rocked by 3.9 million viewers across the UK.

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