Netflix Releases Horror Sci-fi Anime “Exception” in October 2022

The Exception is the upcoming Japanese anime series exploring the horror, mystery, sci-fi, and thriller genres. The director of the series is Yuzo Sato, known for his hit anime series.

The production companies involved are Tatsunoko Production and Studio 5. Music will be provided by Ryuichi Sakamoto. The show was adapted from an original screenplay donated by Hirotaka Adachi. Character design is done by Yoshitaka Amano.

When is the exception coming to Netflix?

The main cast of the series are Takahiro Sakurai, Atsumi Tanizaki, and Yuko Kaida. The space-traveling crew trying to find a way to start a new life on a distant planet doesn’t go as planned. The spaceship crew members were created using a biological 3D printer.

During the Netflix festival in Japan, the show was announced. However, at that time, no proper details were revealed about its plot and release date, but the creators of the series were quick to wrap up the making and production of the series.

Animated Exception
Gender Animation
sci fi
Stars Takahiro Sakurai
Atsumi Tanezaki
Yuko Kaida
Native country Japan
Language Japanese
Production Companies 5
Bakken record
Production of Tatsunoko
Official site netflix
Exceptional release date 13e October 2022

The exceptional streaming will be on the Netflix online streaming platform in the fall of 2022. The creators of the show had released the actual release date, which is expected to be 13e October 2022.

Netflix Horror Anime Series ‘Exception’ Release Date

The exceptional release date is October 13. The show will air on the Netflix online streaming service. It will be a spooky treat for the Halloween season.

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What is the Exceptional Plot?

The plot of Exception will feature a terrifying space horror story. The storyline will follow the events of the distant future when human beings migrate to another galaxy. They were forced to leave planet Earth. The show will feature events such as how special spacecraft and space specialists will devise and manage the plan to inhabit another planet.

The spacecraft will reach the planet in another galaxy which needs to be terraformed. Each member of the space specialist team will exit using a biological 3D printer. Things will not go as planned for humans and they will face serious problems.

Their plans to terraform life on the new planet will indeed prove to be a dangerous mission filled with horrors and monstrous events.

where to watch Exception?

Exception, the upcoming horror anime series will be available to watch on the Netflix online streaming service. As of now, no information has been revealed by the show’s creators as to where the series will be available to watch except on Netflix.

Netflix Will Release Horror Sci-Fi Anime Exception

Since this is originally a Japanese series, the show could also air on a few different Japanese streaming services. A few days after the official release date of the show, its episodes will be available to stream on different online streaming sites like fmovies, dailymotion and many more.

Exception Cast

The exceptional cast includes the following main characters who will be voiced in Japanese and English. The main cast characters are:

  • Lewis (who will be voiced by Nolan North in English and Chikahiro Kobayashi in Japanese)
  • Mack (who will be voiced by Robbie Daymond in English and Takahiro Sakurai in Japanese)
  • Nina (who will be voiced by Ali Hillis in English and Yuko Kaida in Japanese)
  • Oscar (who will be voiced by Eugene Byrd in English and Takanori Hoshino in Japanese)
  • Patty (who will be voiced by Nadine Nicole in English and Atsumi Tanezaki in Japanese)

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Fans are easily excited about this upcoming Japanese anime series. The fact that this is a space horror show makes it stand out in the crowd. The series will also follow its dark science themes with spooky and terrifying horror notes at the same time.

The released trailer of the show looks very promising and has created a buzz all over the internet. Fans are eagerly awaiting this dark anime dealing with the darkness of space.

The news of the arrival of this Japanese horror anime made the rounds on Twitter. Netflix’s official Twitter account, named @NetflixAnime, posted a Tweet posting a photo of the upcoming show along with a caption that read “Here’s your first look at Exception, a new sci-fi anime following a team of survivors trying to save humanity from extinction #geekedweek” which could be a still from one of the episodes. The tweet was posted on July 9, 2022.

The post sparked fans’ curiosity and got them all excited for more information and details about the show’s plot and characters.

Outstanding Netflix Series Spoilers

According to the upcoming Netflix series Exception spoilers, it has been stated that humans will not be able to complete their mission to terraform another planet in a galaxy far, far away.

Humans will use a biological 3D printer to produce each member of the spaceship team, but unfortunately things will take a horrific turn due to a monstrously dangerous mistake that occurs when creating one of the crew members. the team.

The entire crew of the spaceship begins to notice a series of unpredictable and strange incidents. This will not be just a small mistake, but will eventually turn into a bigger monstrous problem, which will try to hinder the process of settling humans on the new planet.

Nina, Mack, Patty and Oscar are the names of the main characters in the story. They will be attacked by their teammate Lewis, who would be transformed into a monster due to a technical problem with the biological 3D printers used.

The Exception is expected to follow a dark and ominous tone in its theme since it is a sci-fi horror series, the show will have a touch of both fiction and horror.

As revealed by the plot and the little information leaked by the show’s creators and the released trailer, most of the horrific events are expected to take place in space.

What began as an attempt to establish life in a distant galaxy, humans eventually risk their lives and find themselves caught up in the most tragic and horrific events they have ever seen.

Watching the trailer, the series will have a superb animation quality and the visual effects and spatial images will be simply amazing.

Exception Episode guide

The standout episode guide has yet to be revealed by the creators of the series. The series will be broadcast on the Netflix online streaming platform. The series is expected to drop all of its episodes at once, it will not follow a weekly release pattern.

It is expected that each episode will have an average length of approximately twenty-four minutes to fifty-seven minutes. The actual episode count, episode, and episode title have yet to be released. Moreover, the show is mostly made in English and Japanese, while it will also be available in other dubbed versions.

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“Exception”: Netflix trailer

The trailer for Exception was released on the 13the September 2022. The two-minute, twenty-three-second trailer was released primarily in Japanese with English subtitles.

The trailer opened with the show’s main characters hiding in a room and the monster trying to break in. As revealed in the trailer, the series was described as a dark-themed anime series with an eerie and lonely setting, humans were seen stuck in space facing a horrible monster.

The quality of the animation was also amazing and provided insight into the plot of the series which tries to portray a different storyline that includes both horror and sci-fi.

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