Netmarble has announced a new game based on the Japanese web novel, Shangri-La-Frontier

Netmarble announced on July 8, 2022that he will develop a game based on Kodansha’s cartoon, Shangri-La-Frontier. It is a famous comic strip which was created and illustrated by Katarina and Ryōsuke Fuzi respectively. Shangri-La-Frontier is considered one of the most popular web novels in Japan and is currently serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. With over 500 million views in Japan, it is currently the most popular web novel of the lot.

Shangri-La-Frontier: History and Plot

The story features a high school student named Rakuro Hizutome who likes to play only unpopular, difficult and trashy games. The plot of the story unfolds shortly where all the old fashioned display screens are classified as retro games and the main character loves to play these broken and trashy games and admire them.

Image via Kodansha

Later in the story, he comes across a game called Shangri-La-Frontier which was suggested by the owner of his favorite game store RockRoll and decides to buy the bestseller virtual reality game. He joins the world of Shangri-La-Frontier as a named character Sunraku and progress in the game.

Netmarble’s upcoming projects on Shangri-La-Frontier

Japanese C2C Studio with the director Toshiyuki Kubooka offered to make an anime based on Shangri-La-Frontierwhich will be broadcast in Japan in the the next year.

Shangri-La-Frontier Official Trailer

Within this production committee, Netmarble also decided to create a game based on Shangri-La-Frontier and which will be developed by Netmarble’s Nexus of the Seven Knights Seriesaccording to sources.

Boss of Netmarble Business Group, Han Ji Hoon said “Shangri-La Frontier, which has recently received a lot of attention in Japan, is an IP with great growth potential, so Netmarble will use it to create a new global box office title..” He then begs the audience to show a huge amount of interest and excitement, as they develop Shangri-La-Frontier. As of now, not much information about the game’s features and content has been revealed.

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