New hydrogel glass windows can keep your home cooler at no cost

Their findings were published in Springers early August.

This new glass is composed of a layer of hydrogel and a layer of normal glass. This means that a hydrogel coating a few millimeters thick has been applied to the glass and designed to reflect more near-infrared light outward while allowing more mid-infrared light to escape from the glass. interior. In addition, the glass remains as clearly transparent to visible light as ordinary glass.

Ordinary glass, on the other hand, is designed to let visible light through and illuminate the room, but its interactions with infrared light – what we experience as heat – are less desirable. Glass allows near infrared radiation from sunlight to pass through while preventing mid infrared light from escaping the room, which eventually heats up a building. During the warmer months, this heat usually causes people to use air conditioning more often, resulting in higher energy consumption.

The hydrogel glass

In fact, this new hydrogel glass has a slightly higher level of visible light transmission – 92.8% of visible light is left in the room, compared to 92.3% in normal glass, by New Atlas.

And in terms of maintaining a cooler interior space, thereby minimizing energy consumption to cool it, the new glass was found to be more effective at blocking mid-infrared light – up to 96% of infrared light was emitted into space. To compare, ordinary glass “only” emits up to 84%.

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