Nivin Pauly and Asif Ali film a mystery from the past with a modern courtroom twist

The long-awaited release of Nivin Pauly, Asif Ali and Shanvi Srivastava’s next fantasy film, Mahaveeryar, is imminent. The makers of the film spare no effort to promote the film to the masses. Speaking of which, the teaser trailer for Mahaveeryar has recently been released on the internet, leaving utter joy.

If the short trailer is anything to go by, director Abrid Shine toyed with two tricky subjects of superstition and time travel to solve a past mystery in what appears to be a modern courtroom.
Mahaveeryar trailer.

The intriguing trailer for the fantasy film opens with the voiceover of a witness, who shows up in the courtroom. In the next scene, Nivin Pauly’s godman enters, talking about things that go far beyond logical explanation and human comprehension. The witnesses are terrorized by the prediction of the man-god as he testifies in the courtroom.

A lawyer accuses Nivin Pauly of spreading superstitious beliefs, while the judge orders him to back up his testimony with solid evidence. Then the whole audience hall seems to have been removed in time with the sorcery of the man-god.

A mysterious story from centuries ago is brought to light with its still hidden connections to the modern world. The judge declares the case to be rare, thus giving the god-man a place to unravel the past in the most tactful way.

The power struggle, the drastic outcome of unjust intentions, Shanvi Srivastava’s budding love affair and obsession with the moon are quickly shown in the next shots.

The trailer ends with another dialogue from Nivin Pauly, in which he explains, “Everything that needs to be destroyed will be destroyed in each era, and they will be created in the next era.”

The dialogue gives a hint that history is about to repeat itself, while the stunning visuals and costumes accentuate the fantasy tale setting.

In short, the Mahaveeryar trailer aptly prepares audiences for an epic tale involving time travel and the forgotten past. The clip deservedly raises anticipation without giving away too much of the plot. Watch the Mahaveeryar trailer below:

Directed by Abrid Shine, the Malayalam film is set to hit the big screen on July 21, 2022.

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