No Man’s Sky Outlaws release date and time, solar ships, contraband

No Man’s Sky’s redemption arc continues as developers, Hello Games, announce the game’s latest major update – Outlaws. The Outlaws update is meant to bring hacking to the popular space survival game and everything that goes with it. You can expect outlaw stations, smuggled goods, contraband, space combat upgrades, and more. Here’s everything you need to know about the No Man’s Sky Outlaws update.

No Man’s Sky Outlaws release date

The Outlaws is already available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PSVR. As for the PC and Xbox family of consoles, the update is released a day later on April 14, 2022. That means you can jump in and check out all the new content.

No Man’s Sky Bans New Content

Space pirates have been one of the most popular sci-fi tropes since the dawn of space movies, and pirates have finally arrived in No Man’s Sky. Space is now filled with Outlaw stations which players can use to become pirates themselves and participate in smuggling activities. Players interested in becoming a pirate can visit one of the many outlaw stations. There you can complete a series of pirate missions which will introduce the new features. Besides smuggling, you can buy illegal goods on the black market or acquire upgrades that cannot be obtained legally.

No Man's Sky Outlaws release date and time, solar ships, contraband
The solar ship

The biggest star of the new update is a brand new starship – the Solar Starship. It is the first new spaceship in the game since 2022. It has a unique solar sail and offers a variety of new upgrades. If you’re against pirates, you can always choose the other side and fight smuggling now enhanced space combatAnother cool new feature is Squadrons. Players can now recruit their own personal squadron to help them in naval battles. Install the Squadron Bay Upgrade to access this feature.

No Man’s Sky Outlaw Improvements

Besides all the new content, there are also a lot of improvements. We have already mentioned the enhanced space combat. This includes a visual overhaul, starship weapon rebalancing, new energy shields, and more. The maximum number of ships a player can own has been increased from six to nine. If you’re one of those players who’s always running out of cargo space, we have some good news for you too! You can now unlock additional loadout slots from the ship upgrade terminal on any space station. These are just highlights of the No Man’s Sky Outlaws update. To discover all the news, check out the official blog.

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