Planet of the Apes meets Battle Royale in epic new ALL AGAINST ALL

All Against All is the latest survival sci-fi series from Image Comics, and it showcases a world where the deadliest predator is man.

Earth is gone and all that remains is a brutal fight for survival in the upcoming five-issue miniseries all against all by Picture Comics. all against all is a story of savage survival in a world dominated by savage creatures and alien overlords, and that perfect blend of battle royale and Planet of the Apes will hit comic stores in December.

all against all is written by Alex Paknadel, known for his work on DC vs. Vampires: All Out Warand Gigaand with the art of Caspar Wijngaard, the artist of Pilots sick at home. It also features letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou and variant covers by Sean Phillips (Reckless), Martin Simmonds (The Department of Truth) and Christian Ward (blood stained teeth). The comic book series is produced under Syzygy Publishing – an imprint of Image Comics – which was started by Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood. Known for comics such as Zombies versus robots, Rainand ZVRCSyzygy is known for its ambitious and imaginative new stories. Related: Image’s Slumber Explores a Fascinating New World in Horror Fantasy


This unique and imaginative new sci-fi series from Image Comics is set in the distant future where a race of aliens known only as the Operators have preserved the world’s wildest creatures in man-made habitats. Without any bodies of their own, the Operators harvest them from other species to use as organic exosuits to wage endless war. However, the aliens severely underestimate the strengths of the habitat’s only human inhabitant, named Helpless, and their attempt to harvest an apex predator goes much differently than they expected. In an interview with AIPT, Ryall said: “All against all continues our efforts at Syzygy to produce compelling books with fantastic concepts, as envisioned by some of the most talented and inventive creators working today.” Enjoy a preview of All against all #1 below.

According to Wijngaard:

“When Alex first pitched the idea for an ‘Alien, but the human is the xenomorph’ series, I was on board right away. It was a tremendous challenge to bring these aliens to life, relying on their fear as a rogue human stalks the dark station. Alex is a fiercely intelligent writer with a brilliant knack for dark, nuanced humor, All Against All promises to deliver a story that’s fast, smart, and brutal. Don’t miss it!”

This is a series of “Exhilarating Survival Horror” according to Paknadel, and it’s one that’s sure to please comic book readers. With a mix of animal savagery, sci-fi and brutal combat, All against AlThat’s what happens when you take Tarzan and turn him into a Predator. The extraterrestrial operators may have named their only human specimen”Hopeless“, but they will soon learn that he is anything but.

Don’t miss this fascinating story of battle royale act and Planet of the Apes survival. All against all #1 will be published by Syzygy, an imprint of Picture Comicsand will be released in stores and digitally on Wednesday, December 7.

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