Poison Ivy Art Reveals New Series’ Disturbing Body Horror

Poison Ivy returns in a new six-issue series in June, serving up a terrifying dose of plant-based body horror.

Poison Ivy’s upcoming six-issue solo series features a chilling medley of body horror with plenty of scenes of people and plants merging together, according to writer G. Willow Wilson.

A Weekly entertainment preview of poison ivy #1, illustrated by Marcio Takara, shows a casually dressed Ivy taking on a pair of men with guns. As Ivy grows vegetation around her profusely, she approaches and whispers close to one of the men’s ear, possibly infecting him with undetectable plant particles. The man instantly begins coughing up blood, and within two panels, a series of mushroom spores violently explode from his neck and face.

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Preview of Poison Ivy

“It’s a bit of a shift for me in terms of subject matter and, uh, grossness,” Wilson said of Ivy’s deadly powers. “There’s quite a bit of body horror in there. I wrote moderate amounts of plant-based body horror into the script, and Marcio, who’s a real genius, took it and tweaked it. pushed to the nth degree. It’s incredibly detailed and beautiful. It’s going to be wild.

While Poison Ivy may be best known for her venomous kiss, this isn’t the first time she’s exploded spores from her victims’ bodies. The 1993 classic Batman: Shadow of the Bat Annual #3 featured a story where Ivy used a fungal poison that caused gray mushrooms to burst from the skin of her enemies. In recent years, Ivy’s powers have evolved far beyond poison and have allowed her to directly control the growth of plants, especially as the character has become connected to green – the elemental force of nature in nature. DC Universe often associated with Swamp Thing.

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For Ivy’s new series, Wilson was specifically inspired by the 2018 sci-fi horror film Annihilation, which starred Natalie Portman as a biologist investigating a quarantine zone called “Shimmer” that was teeming with mutated wild animals, including living plant matter. Wilson added that the series will delve into the implications of a damaged environment, with Ivy eager and willing to take out her frustrations on humans.

“Climate change is at the center of it all,” Wilson said. “This line of action is so appropriate because you hear it and you’re like, ‘Oh, that sounds so uplifting! But if you know anything about Ivy, this is the most disturbing thing you’ve ever read. Any Poison Ivy gift to the world is bound to be good for some, and probably not good for us.

poison ivy#1 will go on sale June 7 from DC.

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