R-Type Tactics I•II Cosmos Gets First Details

Details about R-Type Tactics I II Cosmos

Type RI•II Cosmos Tactics was announced for Switch yesterday, and the first details have now emerged. Granzella released information about a newly opened website today.

Here is the full recap:

R-Type is a milestone in sci-fi shooters.

A space fleet battle themed simulation game with the R-Type worldview – that’s R-Type Tactics.

The setting takes place in space and in a space fortress that has become a den of unknown organisms. To gain an advantage in battle with enemy forces, you will spot enemies and prepare to deploy and train your unit to fight against the adversary. You will overwhelm enemy forces by hiding your troops in their blind spots, making full use of electronic warfare, and taking into account supply, space characteristics, and more.

You will gain an advantage in battle by developing weapons and adding them to your troops. Unique unit battle scenes are expressed in 3D.

The player becomes the fleet commander and takes command of his fleet to fight for the survival of mankind. The story progresses through the protagonist’s logbook.

This title marks a revamp of R-Type Tactics launched on PlayStation Portable in 2007 and R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate released in 2009, with the latest expressions. With new missions added in the sequel to the previous two stories, the game is intended to be the culmination of a sci-fi tactical simulation game.

Along with sharing screenshots, Granzella also posted the first screenshots of R-Type Tactics I•II Cosmos. We have the full set below.

R-Type Tactics I•II Cosmos will be available on Switch in 2023.

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