Rafael Polo’s audiobook “Growing Up American: A Novel” is a gripping story of a boy’s escape from the Castro regime and his new life in the United States

The recent release of the audiobook “Growing Up American: A Novel” by Audiobook Network author Rafael Polo is a powerful and compelling true story about the author’s immigration from Cuba to escape the Castro regime and what was waiting for him in the United States. After reuniting with his family, Polo’s family struggles to make a living but finds a way to thrive in their new home.

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Rafael Polo, a veteran USN commander, has completed his audiobook “Growing Up American: A Novel”: a gripping autobiographical account of the author’s life upon arriving in the United States from Cuba and the struggles that he and his family had to face with an unknown future in a new country.

Recounting his arrival in the United States, Polo begins his story: “The eleven-year-old boy sat in the left rear seat of the car. Her aunt Gloria looked out the window from the front passenger seat. had no idea who the driver was – was listening to WADO, a Spanish speaking radio station. Her older cousin Randy sat to her right, his mouth spilling words like an overturned pitcher. There were four people inside the car. Four different worlds revolved around an uncertain future.

“The boy was small for his age, weighing less than a hundred pounds. An adult Labrador retriever carried him off easily. He wore an old gray winter coat that smelled of mothballs and a faux rabbit fur hat with earflaps. He had light brown hair, which some people called “dirty blonde”, light brown eyes that turned gray in the light, and a great tan. He always had a great tan, having lived his whole life in Cuba. He stared out the window, a loud voice in his brain saying, “What’s wrong with you? Take control of yourself.”

“The landscape was completely alien to the one he had abandoned four days earlier. A scene of ice, snow and smoke rising from the sidewalk. As they parked the car, he pondered what his new life.”

Published by Audiobook Network, author Rafael Polo’s new audiobook is an intimate and personal account of seeking asylum in a new country and immigrant life in their new homeland. Through inner strength, hard work and faith, Polo and his family find their way and discover what the American Dream has in store for them.

Listeners can purchase the audio edition of Rafael Polo’s “Growing Up American: A Novel” through Audible, Apple’s iTunes store or Amazon.

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Rafael Polo’s audiobook “Growing Up American: A Novel” is a gripping story of a boy’s escape from the Castro regime and his new life in the United States

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