Randall Park Joins Josh Greenbaum’s Talking Dog Movie

Randall Park

Randall Park
Photo: Alison Buck/Getty Images for creating behind the scenes

Following a critically acclaimed hit can be Strawberrybut at least the star power of Barb & Star go to Vista Del Mar director Josh Greenbaum’s next film is paw-sively through the frame! It’s a dog movie about talking dogs, with famous people doing the voices of dogs, so don’t go there bark to us in the comments for that screaming terrible introductory paragraph. We just try to fetch some laughs with these stupid dog jokes! (And bow wowthey are really stupid!)

Anyway, the “live-action/CGI hybrid” film is called wanderersand it’s going to feature a bunch of famous people as the dogs: Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx play the lead dogs, with Will Forte playing some kind of mean dog owner (a human, the role he was born for). It comes from The Hollywood Reporter, who says the three will also be joined by Randall Park, though “details of his character are hidden in the doghouse.” (It was THRdog joke, we couldn’t find that one.)

The screenplay was written by american vandalis Dan Perrault, and is about a dog teaming up with other dogs after being abandoned by his owner. It’s apparently an “adult-twisting comedy,” meaning the dogs will swear or sniff each other’s butts more often than they would in the average movie with talking dogs. (PG-13 talking dog movies are allowed to sniff non-sexual buttocks, anything beyond that puts it in R territory.)

wanderers has already been slated for a theatrical release on June 9, 2023, which is a little early for the scorching summer days, but maybe the studio (Universal, if that’s important to you) hope this one will have a long tail. (Ha, that one came naturally! We did!)

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