Rick Springfield Isn’t Happy With ‘Jessie’s Girl’ Novel

Rick Springfield is puzzled that author Naima Simone has turned her title “Jessie’s Girl” into a bestselling novel and nothing in copyright law is stopping it from happening.

Springfield had a number one hit in Australia and the United States in 1981 with “Jessie’s Girl”.

The novel ‘Jessie’s Girl’ by best-selling author Naima Simone, was released on May 24, 2022.

Springfield posted on his social media, “As I’ve said before, ‘You can’t copyright a song title.’ I don’t know where this one goes, but it has looks a little lascivious, doesn’t it?

There was also a book called ‘Jessie’s Girl, by author Miranda Kenneally, released in 2015 and another by CL Rowell in 2017, Mona Merlin ‘Jessie’s Girl: A Bully Romance’ had one in 2020 and also in 2022′ Jessie’s Girl: 80s Baby Series’.

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