Star Wars leaks reveal shocking new trilogy that’s even bolder than ‘Visions’

Star Wars: Visions proved that the franchise doesn’t need to focus on the Skywalker Saga, or even worry about canon, to be successful, but Lucasfilm’s next project could do Visions looks like a special Lego vacation. Star Wars will enter bold new territory with a whole trilogy of films inspired by the earliest origins of this distant galaxy, according to an explosive new report.

According to a report by scooper Nick Santos at The hashtag show, Lucasfilm is currently developing a trilogy of animated films inspired by the original Star Wars concept art. Drawn by Ralph McQuarrie, who helped shape much of the franchise, these illustrations represent some of the early ideas that would become one of the greatest sci-fi stories ever told. However, a lot of McQuarrie’s concepts never made it into the movies.

Before going any further, it should be noted that Santos is not a verified source and its own sources are anonymous. There is no guarantee that this is true. And even if it does, Disney could easily cancel the project before it even goes into production. Still, it’s just too cool of a Star Wars story not to discuss it, so let’s dive into it.

Star Wars Leaks: Everything We Know So Far

McQuarrie’s famous concept art depicting Deak Starkiller (aka Luke Skywalker).Lucasfilm

Santos’ sources reveal that Lucasfilm currently has screenwriters working on the outlines for all three films. The studio has apparently been encouraged by the success of Star Wars: Visions and wants to pursue more lively projects. McQuarrie’s art seems to be an obvious source of inspiration – although we also have hope for Visions Season 2.

While the plot of these new Star Wars films is largely unknown, there are a few details from the early versions of the original film that could inspire this new trilogy. Most notably, Deak Starkiller (who was renamed Luke Skywalker) was initially envisioned as an established member of the Rebellion.

Deak is said to have been a decorated captain and pilot in the early scenes of the film – then called The Adventures of the Star Slayer, Episode I: Star Wars. It undermines the hero journey we get with Luke, but it might be interesting to see how this change spills over into the rest of the Star Wars trilogy.

According to this report, each of the three new Star Wars animated films will be loosely based on A new hope, the empire strikes back, and Return of the Jedi, respectively, but with McQuarrie’s original vision guiding the plot. The sources also don’t expect original actors like Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford to return to voice the characters who inspired their own roles. There is always hope, however.

Star Wars Leaks: Exploring McQuarrie’s Work

While this iconic image of Starkiller fighting Darth Vader may be McQuarrie’s best-known Star Wars concept art, it’s far from his only contribution.

For example, here is a first version of C-3PO and R2-D2. Wouldn’t it be cool to see this version of the characters in a movie?

And here is Starkiller carrying what looks like a sniper rifle. Who is it targeting?

The Millennium Falcon still exists in this version of Star Wars. It’s good to know.

Wouldn’t it be cool to see a bunch of Stormtroopers fighting with lightsabers?

Finally, McQuarrie’s take on Degobah is pretty accurate, but it’s too good not to be included.

Star Wars: Visions is now streaming on Disney +.

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