The best sci-fi anime on Netflix

Netflix has great anime from all genres, and that includes the cutting-edge possibilities of sci-fi anime as well.

The realm of Japanese animation covers an impressive variety of literary and film genres, meaning there’s something for everyone in anime, from charming romantic comedy series and chilling horror stories to heartbreaking dramas and, of course, science fiction. Some of anime’s most legendary series are actually sci-fi.

Any sci-fi fan of films such as The matrix, The Terminator, The Martian, and others will find plenty to amuse themselves with in Netflix’s extensive anime library, which includes a handful of popular and well-regarded sci-fi titles ready to stream to order. Netflix’s library is far from complete, but it’s a handy way to dive into the world of sci-fi anime and see what the best anime can really do.

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Cowboy Bebop is a jazzy tour of the solar system

cowboy bebop

Despite the mixed reception and ongoing debates surrounding the live action cowboy bebop series on Netflix, the original from the 1990s cowboy bebop remains an iconic, albeit short, sci-fi anime series that most anime fans will hear about sooner or later. This series is set in a somewhat gritty but also glitzy post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting where thieves like Spike Spiegel can make their own rules and fly freely through the solar system, though that doesn’t mean the life of Spike is easy. Shootouts, deadly enemies, high-stakes wagers and more await Spike and his teammates aboard the bebop as they roam the stars, all with a moody jazz OST to set the tone. Cowboys may be free in space, but sometimes they can’t escape their own inner darkness.

Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann is a Mecha series about hope

Not all of the best sci-fi anime series involve giant robots, but many do, and a good example is the beloved series Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagannwhich can also be abbreviated as gurren lagann. This series continues to expand the scope of protagonist Simon’s adventures as this brave boy not only fights to free the Earth from oppression, but fights for the good of all spiraling life in the universe. against the terrifying Anti-Spiral. But this series doesn’t take itself too seriously. The hit sci-fi adventure of gurren lagann also features lovely cartoonish visuals thanks to Studio Trigger, plenty of comedy, intimate character moments, and more, though it does have some tragedies and rocky moments to balance things out. Simon’s journey to save all spiraling life will be anything but easy, even after he breaks free to finally reach Earth’s surface.

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Code Geass follows the rise of Lelouch Lamperouge

Code Geass is a popular sci-fi anime series from the mid-2000s, and it holds up pretty well today. The series depicts a near future where the mighty Britannia Empire has conquered Japan, which soon became known simply as Area 11, and brewing rebellion against Britannia’s oppressors. The tense political landscape may remind fans The attack of the Titans, like the conflict between the Marlian Empire and the scattered Eldian peoples, but with war robots and the power of the Geass in place of the Titan Shifters and fantastic gas lamp technology. The anti-hero of this series is the legendary Lelouch Lamperouge, determined to overthrow Britannia at any cost, even if his allies are unwilling to pay the price themselves. At least Lelouch has the eye power of the Geass to help him fight for the freedom of Area 11.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Redefined Mecha Anime

Shinji and his fellow pilots in Neon Genesis Evangelion

The famous animated series of the 1990s Neon Genesis Evangelion helped redefine what giant mecha anime can truly be, and even though young heroes such as Shinji pilot giant robots, the story of NGE is much more human and intimate than that, and is often empowering or downright disturbing in many cases. In this sci-fi world, what’s left of human civilization must battle massive, deadly angels with the power of Eva robots piloted by high school kids like tsundere Asuka Langley, Rei, and Shinji. But piloting giant robots at 14 to defend the Earth comes at a price, and these young heroes may not be ready for the burden placed on them. NGE is ready to stream on Netflix right now, along with the movie The End of Evangelion. Fans may have to look elsewhere for the other movies, like the recent Neon Genesis Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0 Once upon a time three times.

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Komi Can't Communicate and Other Great High School Anime Streaming On Netflix

Komi Can’t Communicate and Other Great High School Anime Streaming On Netflix

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