The Boys’ Tomer Capone Says The Graphic Novel Ruined Superheroes For Him

As it turns out, The boys not only changed the perception of superheroes for fans of the genre, but also for its actors. Even though he’s been involved with the production since being cast as Super Exterminator, Tomer Capone admitted that reading The boys series of graphic novels forever changed his perception of superheroes.

Capone, who plays “Frenchie” in the live rendition of The boys, admitted that he was a superhero fan before. However, after reading the graphic novel and appearing on the show, he admitted that everything he previously believed about superheroes was turned upside down.


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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Capone reflected on how he initially viewed superheroes. “I think it ruined the whole superhero experience for me. I used to think men in Spandex who had special powers were cool. But this show just erased that.” Capone later explained how more popular superheroes became in the film industry before the show was released in 2019, and how much has changed three years later. “When I see superheroes on screen, I don’t buy it anymore. For the past 10 years, everyone was into the superhero thing, trying to run from reality. And then I read The boys and I’m like, ‘They took the genre and flipped it.’ They said, ‘Let’s see how superheroes behave in front of the mirror when they end their day. What are they really doing when they take the Spandex off? ‘”

Capone’s story is exactly what the show is aiming for with its audience. Which makes The boys so appealing is how brutally fresh the material is compared to what we usually get from Marvel and DC characters in movies. They are portrayed as role models that we look up to because we would like to see them that way. The boys’ History shows that if superheroes really existed, they would certainly give this image as role models, but they would probably consider themselves above everyone else and become reckless because of it.

When DC first started the superhero trend, they were demigods who were almighty, flawless beings to worship. Marvel changed the game by making their superheroes more reliable than powerful, which forced DC to change their game a bit. The boys took it a step further by having superheroes corrupted by their own power, turning them into real villains. This element of realism makes for an uncomfortable subject matter, but that’s how it’s intended, and that’s why they have their audience.

The reason people tune into this show is because the live-action superhero genre has become a formula. It can be fun to watch the good guy beat the bad guy with all the superpowers audiences didn’t see before revealing themselves, but if the story follows the exact same beats as previous movies in the same genre, it will lose its flavor. Casting superheroes as the villains of the story isn’t something audiences are used to, but it’s something that really makes you think about the notion of what would happen if these fictional beings actually existed.

The boys Season 3 is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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