The death of Ryan Reynolds’ father inspired the emotional scene in The Adam Project

Ryan Reynolds reveals his father’s death inspired a moving scene in his upcoming Netflix sci-fi time travel movie, The Adam Project.

Ryan Reynolds recently shared that the personal tragedy of his father’s death inspired a touching moment in his new film, The Adam Project. Reynolds and director Shawn Levy recently worked together on free guy and plan to develop more films together in the future. But where free guy was a tumultuous action spree in the world of video games, The Adam Project packs more emotional punches throughout its sentimental time travel plot. The Adam Project also stars Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner and Zoe Saldana.

The Netflix sci-fi flick casts Reynolds as time-traveling pilot Adam Reed who, after crash-landing in 2022, encounters the younger version of himself, played by newcomer Walker Scobell. The two then team up to find their father, Louis Reed (Ruffalo) in order to prevent the invention of time travel. Levy recently warned candidates The Adam Project viewers in an interview to prepare for the emotional moments weaved throughout the film, teasing that Reynolds will deliver “one of his greatest dramatic performances of all time”, and that the actor brought an impressive “emotional authenticity” to his The Adam Project role.


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In an interview with EW, the cast of The Adam Project shared their personal connections to the film’s story, and Reynolds revealed that his father’s death inspired a line in the film. The actor explained that, in one scene, adult Adam meets his mother (Garner) at a bar, and the line in question is: “the boys always come back for their moms.According to Reynolds, this moment is directly linked to real-life events, when his father passed away and he and his siblings quickly came together to support their mother. Read Reynolds’ full quote below:

“There’s a line in there that comes from my real life, which is ‘the boys always come back for their mommies.'” And that’s very true when my dad passed away. I’m one of four boys and that was how it was circling the wagons around my mom. We really all came back for her in a way that I know was incredibly meaningful to her. And to this day, she still talks about it.”

Walker Scobell, Mark Ruffalo and Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project

Reynolds’ real-life experience wasn’t the only cast member to connect with The Adam Projectthe story. Garner explained how she identified with being the mother of a preteen boy, as she is currently experiencing that reality with her 10-year-old son. The actor shared that the initial phone call in which she and Levy discussed the concept of her character meeting her adult son, “just destroyed [her]. What else, The Adam ProjectThe director went on to explain that the film contains many ideas that audiences “aspire to,” such as the ability to forgive parents, deepen understanding and make peace with oneself.

Grief and forgiveness are powerful topics to explore, and adding the densely complex idea of ​​time travel to the mix can certainly create a powerful potion of feeling. Films based on time travel such as Back to the future franchise have long been a prime example. The science fiction genre also has a long track record as a powerful catalyst for deeper commentary, and although The Adam Project is sure to deliver both hilarity and action with Reynolds in the lead role, it’s also great to hear that the cast of the film have bared their hearts in order to craft a story that is both poignant and cathartic. Audiences can expect to see Ryan Reynolds’ powerful, real-life inspired performance when The Adam Project debuts on Netflix.

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Source: EW

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