The Flash Movie Gets a Brief, Exciting Trailer Update

Whereas the flash was supposed to hit theaters this year, it was unfortunately moved to next summer. The delay was shocking, especially considering all the teasing audiences have already received regarding the film. Add to that all the potential plot leaks from the past two years, and some fans feel like they already know every beat of the story.

Despite having a successful television series for nearly a decade, Barry Allen has had the hardest time trying to get a solo film off the ground. It didn’t help that the Justice League team movie had as many problems as it had – if the project had completely blocked the landing, the world would probably be preparing to watch a third Glow film.

With the film having recently been delayed, one would think that means another look at the project is quite a ways off. In reality, it looks like fans might not have to wait much longer after all.

Flash Producer teases a teaser


On Instagram, the flash Producer Barbara Muschietti has indicated that a trailer for the highly anticipated DC Comics film may be imminent.

In response to a fan asking her to post a trailer for Ezra Miller’s upcoming release, she simply responded by saying: “soon!”

Is a Flash trailer just around the corner

It would be a little odd for the studios to release a full trailer for a project over a year away, especially since a short teaser is already available to watch.

That said, there’s a perfect place for it to happen: San Diego Comic-Con 2022. In the past, Warner Bros. publicly posted its teasers online shortly after the panels, but it’s well within convention tradition to keep it exclusive for those who have made the journey.

Ultimately, the footage projected now may not be as representative of what will end up in the final cut next year. With all the trouble the film’s star, Ezra Miller, got himself into, who knows what changes might be coming in the next twelve months?

Warner Bros. hasn’t had the best luck with his stats lately, and they’re probably tearing their hair out with all the news hitting the web. However, not everything is bad, because the flash did very well in drug tests, sources said.

One thing’s for sure, though: fans can’t wait to see more of Michael Keaton’s Batman. Chances are her return to the cowl will end up being the main marketing draw for Scarlet Speedster’s first solo film.

the flash in theaters June 23, 2023.

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