The new Hallmark movie was filmed on location in England


  • The presence of love airs March 13 on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.
  • It was filmed on location in Cornwall.
  • Eloise Mumford and Julian Morris star in the film.

In the new Hallmark movie The Presence of Love, a literature teacher who hits a snag in her career receives a surprising gift that sends her to England to discover her family’s roots. Once there, she meets a handsome farmer who helps bring new clarity to her life. The film, which premieres March 13 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, will transport viewers to the picturesque Cornish seaside, which serves as another character in the story, according to stars Julian Morris and Eloise Mumford.

‘The Presence of Love’ premieres March 13 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries

Eloise Mumford and Julian Morris in ‘The Presence of Love’ | ©2022 Crown Media USA LLC/Photographer: Jon Ailes

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The presence of love premieres Sunday, March 13 at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. It focuses on Jocelyn “Joss” Lambert (chicago fire alum Mumford), a 33-year-old assistant professor of romantic literature.

For years, Joss has let practical concerns rule her life, sparing the heroines of the books she studies risk and adventure. But everything changes when she receives an unusual gift from her late mother: a 10-day trip to England to explore her roots. It’s a trip that Joss and his mother had planned to take together before his mother died. With a serious deadline looming at work, she decides to overcome her anxiety and go overseas.

After arriving in Cornwall at the farm her grandparents once owned, Joess meets the new owner, Daniel, her mother, Merryn, and her daughter, Tegan. But despite the change of scenery, Joss still suffers from writer’s block, until she bonds with Tegan, who suffers from dyslexia. As she helps the young girl overcome her challenges, she forges a deeper relationship with Daniel and Merryn, who have their own issues. But as her journey draws to a close, Joss must decide what’s next for her – and if her life could include the kind of romance she never thought possible.

Filming for the film took place in Cornwall

film for The presence of love took place on location in Cornwall. For the two lead actors, the setting ended up being a key part of the story.

The location is “almost like another character,” Morris, who plays Daniel, said in a live social media chat (via Twitter) with co-star Mumford. She agreed, calling the location “an amazing character in the movie.”

Morris, who grew up in England, also said working on the film gave him the chance to visit a part of the country he didn’t know. He added that visiting Cornwall was on his “to do” list.

He also said he was excited to show Hallmark viewers a part of the UK they might not know.

“It’s such a beautiful place,” he said. “I actually think the film captures so much of her beauty.”

Eloise Mumford said she felt like she was in ‘The Holiday’

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For Mumford, filming in Cornwall brought to mind one of his favorite films: Vacations. The 2006 romantic comedy stars Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet as women who change homes at Christmas.

“I felt like I was in one of my favorite movies of all time, Vacations,” she says of the farm where part of the film takes place.

“It was so beautiful,” she said. “I only wish we could have had more time to explore.”

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