The new STAR WARS movie will take place after THE RISE OF SKYWALKER; Sequel Trilogy Characters Could Return

Following persistent rumours, it was recently confirmed that Lost and watchmen Showrunner Damon Lindelof is currently developing a new big screen star wars project for Lucasfilm with Ms. MarvelSharmeen Obaid-Chinoy will direct, and THR has now weighed in with some very interesting new details.

According to the trade, the as-yet-untitled film will be set after the events of The Rise of Skywalkerand while it’s not meant to serve as a direct sequel to the Skywalker saga, it may feature characters from the divisive sequel trilogy.

That’s a big deal, because it’s the first indication we’ve had that Lucasfilm is even interested in telling stories set in this era. While the sequel trilogy was a success from a financial standpoint, the final installment was pretty much lambasted by critics, and the studio seemed to be focused on pre-Return of the Jedi stories soon after.

As for the characters we might see making a return, Daisy Ridley’s Rey seems like a safe bet. Poe Dameron is obviously another possibility, but we’d be surprised if John Boyega had much interest in reprising the role of Finn after his recent comments.

It also emerged that Lindelof is writing the new screenplay with up-and-coming scribe Justin Britt-Gibson (The strain, the counterpart), but it looks like there are quite a few other people involved in this project!

Apparently, a secret writers room was formed shortly after this year’s Star Wars celebration, and included Patrick Somerville (Leftovers, station eleven); Rayna McClendon (Obi-Wan Kenobi, Willow); Andy Greenwald (Briarpatch), and, of course, Dave Filoni!

What do you think of this news? Which characters from the sequel trilogy would you like to see return to Galaxy Far, Far Away? Leave us a comment below.

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