The Sci-Fi series hopes to emulate the success of Paradise PD

Will the adult comedy series Farzar return for season 2 or has Netflix had enough sci-fi animated adventures?

It’s certainly been a mixed bag for Netflix this week, following the flop of the Resident Evil 2022 series and the rather underwhelming DB Cooper: Where Are You docu-series. However, fans can now go from one ridiculous adventure to another (which at least had to be outrageous all along) with the latest adult animated series from the streaming giants, Farzar.

With enough space toilet humor to last until the next season of Dead Space or Rick and Morty, this animated show is sure to divide fans on social media. Since July 16eFarzar has yet to be publicly renewed for season 2, but what are the chances of the sci-fi series returning for another space adventure on Netflix?

farzar | Official trailer | netflix

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farzar | Official trailer | netflix





Farzar: Season 2 Renewal Status

As previously reported, neither the Farzar showrunners nor Netflix have publicly confirmed that season 2 will go into production, but with the series only available for a few days, fans shouldn’t worry too much about the lack of content just yet. new.

The good news is that Farzar’s future remains extremely bright following Netflix’s multi-year deal with series creators Waco O’Guin and Roger Black. In January 2021, it was reported via Deadline that the streaming giant had entered into a “multi-year pact” with the duo for more seasons of Paradise PD and new future content, starting with Farzar.

“We couldn’t be happier that Netflix finally ‘put a ring on it.’ It’s an awesome network full of cool people and a great place to work! Now we can finally get those red PT cruisers assorted cherries we’ve had our eyes on.—Black and O’Guin, via Deadline.

It’s unclear if this means O’Guin and Black have the freedom to drop Farzar after just one season for a new IP. However, if the series proves popular enough with fans, it’s safe to assume that the sci-fi series will return for at least one more season in a similar fashion to Paradise PD (which is currently set to release). launch its fourth and final season in December).

Add to that the somewhat open ending of Season 1 Episode 10, and it’s still very likely that Season 2 will be ratings and stream dependent. So how has the series been rated by fans and critics?

How Has Farzar Season 1 Rated So Far?

Farzar received mixed to generally positive reviews from fans and critics; the most favorable responses likely coming from fans of similar comedy titles/styles like Paradise PD and Brickleberry.

Season 1 is currently rated at a disappointing 5.9/10 on IMDB, but that score was only accrued from 117 reviews as the series was only available to stream for a few days on Netflix.

Decider recommends fans “skip” the show, noting how a good show Farzar “could be, but unless you’re a huge fan of cock jokes – and we know you’re in there! – you won’t you’re not going to find much to laugh about with this show.

ReadySteadyCut gave Farzar a 4/5 rating, stating “With jokes in every way, I highly recommend this series if you’re a fan of animations, especially Paradise PD, Brickleberry, Futurama, Rick and Morty and Big Mouth.” LeisureByte also gave the series a 4/5 rating, commenting on how “this chaotic series is here to entertain you with the humor that will sometimes gross you out”.

“The sci-fi theme only looks like dressing as everything else remains the same. Nevertheless, audiences who love this type of content will love it no matter what. Netflix continues to give the fire green on these shows for a reason. However, it becomes clear that at some point the train will stop, and creators will have to find the next big trend to follow.–Nelson Acosta, via FictionHorizon.

Overall, while the critic’s reviews are certainly nothing to shout about, Farzar is the type of series that gains both momentum and longevity as an adult animated series on Netflix. Therefore, streaming numbers will be the key factor in determining renewal, but it seems likely that Farzar will get at least one more season.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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