The Super Mario Bros movie is delayed

The “Super Mario Bros Movie” has been interesting every step of the way so far, from the movie’s official premiere announcement, to Chris Pratt’s casting and beyond, to Illumination behind the movie, and now the movie has officially been delayed for just under a year, as confirmed by Shigeru Miyamoto. Below, we’ve gone over the details of the “Super Mario Bros Movie” delay, and all the other announcement details and so on.

Illumination, Nintendo and Universal Collaborate

First, before we dive into the details like the cast, announcement, delay, and other info, let’s review some of the work that Illumination has done, as well as the other company behind the guarantee that “Super Mario Bros. Movie” exceeds all expectations. While for the most part, Illumination has yet to be a name like Dreamworks or Pixar in terms of being a household name, but the company has produced tremendous animated hits that certainly stand out from competitors such as the “Despicable Me” series, its prequels, “Minions” and the upcoming “Rise of Gru” movie, and even “The Grinch” reboot, and other animated features. So while Illumination has slowly caught up with Pixar and the like, the company has undoubtedly been the lesser-known animation studio, but they’ve caught Nintendo’s positive attention for allowing the studio to represent with success the Mario family in a different light. embly, Illumination is set to make a very unique movie with their iteration of Mario Bros. in the “Super Mario Bros. Movie”, which should be worth the delay, as Nintendo itself reassured us.

Super Mario Bros movie announcement.

There has long been speculation about if, or almost when, a “Super Mario Bros. Movie” outside of the now cult live-action flick will be made and we’ve been officially told that a movie is officially on the way. preparation when Shigeru Miyamoto appeared during a Nintendo Direct and officially announced that the film was in development in September 2021. Unlike the original “Super Mario Bros. Movie”, which was live, the new feature will be animated , as one would assume with Illumination behind the production of the film, and will more closely follow the original storylines of the video game, compared to something entirely original.

Super Mario Bros cast

Almost immediately after the movie was announced, the main cast was also announced for the project and brought some very interesting and unique voices to the upcoming movie that fans are beyond excited for. As our featured plumber, everyone’s favorite Guardian of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt, will be the voice of the infamous plumber in the upcoming film, but while Pratt was among the most surprising, many more have been announced, as well than the specific roles they will play. cheek. Almost immediately, fans were reassured that Chris Pratt wouldn’t have a heavy Italian accent to go with the character, and would more likely sound like a less childish version of his “Lego Movie” character. Seth Rogan, Keegan-Michael Key, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Day, Fred Armisen, and Jack Black are other actors who have officially rounded out the cast of the now-delayed “Super Mario Bros. Movie.” in the film, as well as Kevin Michael Richardson, Sebastian Maniscalco and Charles Martinet. Again, while news of a delay in Illumination’s highly anticipated adaptation of the “Super Mario Bros. Movie” was a disappointment to really get the perfect movie, especially with such a strong voice cast.

Super Mario Bros. movie delay

Finally, while very few updates were given regarding the seemingly short time span between the initial announcement and when the film was supposed to be released, before the 6 month mark until the December release, Nintendo herself announced that the film was pushed back until April. , with different dates depending on the region of the world. In Nintendo’s tweet regarding the delayed “Super Mario Bros. Movie”, Miyamoto said via Twitter“After consulting with Chris-San, my partner at Illumination on the ‘Super Mario Bros.’ movie, we have decided to move the worldwide release to Spring 2023, April 28 in Japan and April 7 in North America. My sincere apologies, but I promise you it will be worth it.” While the reasoning behind this may stem from issues with Sonic, such as the character’s actual appearance versus the environment that surrounds him. surrounds it, it’s more than likely that the reason for the delay of the “Super Mario Bros.” movie was simply due to the increased likelihood of creating an overall better product that fans will enjoy immediately and for as long as possible.

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