The Surprising Legendary Filmmaker Who Almost Directed The Batman

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, one of the directors being considered for the role of directing the new “Batman” movie was none other than Ridley Scott.

Scott began his directing career in 1965 when he directed an episode of a crime drama called “Z Cars”. After directing a series of television episodes for various shows, Scott made his directorial debut with “The Duelists” in 1977, a 19th century historical drama. But it was his next film, 1979’s “Alien,” that would truly cement Scott’s place in the realm of legendary filmmakers. Shortly after, he directed another of his most iconic films of all time with 1982’s “Blade Runner,” starring Harrison Ford, which not only remained a household name but is even sometimes considered the best film ever. science fiction of all time. Scott is also responsible for 1991’s ‘Thelma & Louise’, another landmark image that has stood the test of time – it’s also the film that earned Scott his first Best Director Oscar nomination. The filmmaker has two more Best Director nods, for ‘Gladiator’ in 2000 and ‘Black Hawk Down’ in 2001. Most recently, he released two movies in 2021, ‘The Last Duel’ and ‘House of Gucci’ .

At this point, he has four projects in the works, including “Napoleon” starring Joaquin Phoenix and a recently announced thriller titled “Queen & Country.” If Scott had ended up landing the directing job for “The Batman,” it would have been his only film released in 2022. However, while it’s easy to see Scott’s often dark aesthetic adapting easily to the DC character Comics, it would also have been a surprise to see him participate in such a gig, given his longstanding comments on the superhero genre.

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